April 16, 2018

Monday - Cloudy and a bit cool

An okay day.

I had a hard time getting up this morning, but I did of course.  I watched the news and then my other telly, had breakfast and so on.  I actually had a quiet morning. I wasn’t too strict with myself about getting things done the way I should have been!

F came home for lunch for a little bit.  He was nice enough to bring things for his mother and I as well.  F and I ate in our room and that was nice.  He did have to leave soon though. 

I watched a bit of TV from the DVR and finally went down for my lunch. I had one of the bagels from yesterday plus some of the lettuce that we got at Costco.  It was quite nice.

Later on, when F came home he asked if I wanted to do something. I couldn’t think of what.  There were no new movies in English, and I didn’t really want to go to the Internet Cafe tonight.  We had a bit of a disagreement about dinner.  I wanted to go out and suggested a fish place since we are going to have a meat dinner tomorrow.  F wanted to go out and get something and cook it at the house…fish of course.  I said it was fine, but I didn’t want fish. I don’t know why he wants me to eat the same things as him.  It is really annoying! We ended up going out with K to an udon shop that I actually like.  We all had different dishes.  I had curry udon. It came with a bib that I wore and I’m so glad that I did! F had udon with tempura and rice and his mother had a spicy rice dish.  I think it might have been too hot for her, I’m not sure.  

After dinner, we went grocery shopping for a few minutes. I had a list so it went fairly well, K bought a few things.  I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted but managed anyway.

We came back to the house and F and I put away the groceries.  He went out to take a bath and I stayed in and relaxed a bit.  When he came back we chatted a bit and it was nice.  I put on a TV show for him and he watched it, I probably did too.  

We’ve had a quiet but nice evening together.  I’m a bit tired so I’m planning to go to bed soon.  Tomorrow I’m going to prepare dinner in my slow cooker, so will have to go downstairs around 10 to get it started.  Any earlier and I won’t be awake enough to do it.  

Come back later if you wish and see how my day goes. You can hear all about preparing our dinner too.  Until tomorrow….

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