April 17, 2018

Tuesday - Sunny but still cool

A good day.

This day was a little busier than usual for me.  I got up a bit late, did my usual stuff and then at 10am I went downstairs and started to prepare dinner.  I got out my slow cooker and put everything in it to make pulled pork.  I also washed the berries that we bought at Costco on the weekend.  When I finished, I went back upstairs.

I watched a bit of TV and then took a bit of a break from it.  F came by for a few minutes, brought me a snack too.  

I checked on the slow cooker a couple of times in the afternoon, things looked good. I had lunch and that was nice too. I had smoked chicken on an everything bagel.  Yum.  

Around 4 I rinsed the cabbage and let it drain so I could make the coleslaw later.  I also did my dishes from the day.

When F called to say he was on his way to the house I kicked dinner into a higher gear.  I took out the roast, cut the string off it and shredded it.  I put it back in the slow cooker.  I added the dressing to the cabbage mix and then covered it and put it in the fridge.  I got out plates and such to have them ready.  

When F actually made it to the house I got him to change and then come help me.  I heated up the tortillas for us and got him to do the rice for his mother.  I gave her a portion of pulled pork on rice, covered with some coleslaw.  F and I got to make our own on tortillas.  Dinner was quite good and got fairly decent reviews.  We’re going to have leftovers tomorrow night too.  I hope his mother is okay with that.

F did half of the dishes between the main course and the dessert, and I did the other half after dessert.  We had blackberries and cream, very nice!

When the dishes were done and put away, F and I went out for a while.  We went to MosBurger and had a snack and a drink.  They have decent wifi, once you get connected.  We spent almost two hours there, which is quite a while.

We went to the grocery store and bought a few things for tomorrow’s dinner.  We needed more coleslaw ingredients and also a few things for K.  We came back to the house and put away the groceries.  I took a shower and then F did.  We’re both still up, possibly because of the MosBurger coffee.

That’s it for me.  Tomorrow I have a few things to do and will be on dinner duty again.  I hope I do a few things like laundry too.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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