April 22, 2018

Sunday - Hot and sunny!

A good day.

We both slept in this morning, which surprised me a lot.  I enjoyed it of course but didn’t think that I would be able to sleep so late.

When we did get up, F went downstairs and made us some toast and jam.  Yum.  It was very nice to be pampered.  The only thing that would have been better is if I had eaten it in bed, but that’s probably overrated!  

We decided to go out for lunch and do a few things as well.  F wanted fish for lunch, so we went over to Sashimiya and had lunch there.  I hadn’t really wanted fish, but I didn’t mind too much.  We both had the same thing, a gin dara teishoku, or set meal.  It was quite nice.  We followed that up with some coffee afterwards. 

We went to a craft fair at the big park across the road.  F and I had a great time looking at the work.  Sadly, I couldn’t buy as much as I would have liked to.  A few people were selling yarn, but I didn’t have any ideas about what to make.  Some people had very expensive yarn, others were more reasonable.  One seller suggested making a scarf but I told her quite truthfully that I already have a lot of scarves, and I don’t wear them that much. 

I bought some postcards from a young woman that has created her own characters and in a happy event, we found the lady that sold me my cereal bowl two years ago. We bought the lovely bowl that I use for breakfast from her.  I told her I still use it, but there is a crack in it now.  She offered to give me a new one if it was her fault that it cracked, but I told her that we have moved and it might have been damaged that way. I don’t actually know how it happened, I think I discovered it one morning.  Anyway, F and I each bought a mug from the woman. They are the same colour as the bowl, at least I think so!  I’ll try to post a picture of them tomorrow.  I have to wash them first.  She gifted us a couple of spoon rests as a thank you.

We finished up around 3:30 I think.  We were planning what to do.  F phoned a massage place and booked himself an appointment for 4:40. I suggested going and getting a bento for K and then going for coffee.  We did that. Sort of.  

We got the bento and delivered it.  I put the cups in our bedroom and then we left again.  F wanted to go to his favourite coffee shop but it was much too busy today.  There were many cars outside and no place to park.  

His next suggestion was to a tart and coffee place downtown.  It was fine with me, but I was starting to worry about time.  We got to the place at 4:10ish, the massage place was a good 5 minutes away.  The place was busy and lined up, and almost out of tarts.  Finally, we were able to order, got seats and waited.  It was 10 minutes before F’s appointment and we still hadn’t received our order.  F decided to cancel his and did so.  He got his money back and then said goodbye to me.  I stayed and got a lovely fruit tart and some tea.  It was lovely, but I would’ve preferred to have been there with F.  

When I finished I walked over to S-Mall and did a little exploring.  I bought a few things at the hundred yen shop and then went downstairs to Doutor for an iced soy latte.  I used the wifi for a bit, and I also wrote a movie review while I was sitting there, so used my time well.  

F came back after his massage was over and seemed a little happier.  I handed over my coffee card and he got a cup of coffee.  I offered to let him have some cake or a treat too since he missed out before, but he said it was okay.  

We talked about dinner and he wanted a fish place.  I said that I’d rather not have fish again today and pointed out that I am from a landlocked area and don’t really want to eat fish every day.  He likes fish and he thinks it is healthier for him to eat fish all the time (It isn’t really.  He either eats a lot of fried fish or fish covered in soy sauce or deep fried fish or just too much in the case of sushi.) He suggested a couple of places, I suggested a couple and neither of us liked the suggestions.  Finally, he suggested a chain soba shop, so I said okay.  Wished I hadn’t.

We went to the chain and had an okay but not great dinner.  I had a chicken cutlet on rice with soba and a salad on the side, F had tempura rice with soba on the side.  He complained about the sauce on the tempura and the soba noodles. 

On the way back to the house I wanted to go to the grocery store.  He didn’t want to go to the store I suggested, it was close by, but didn’t meet his standards. Going to the grocery store, F tried to turn off twice so completely forgot where we were going.  In fact, one of the times he tried to turn was to our old apartment!

At the grocery store, I picked up a few things for lunch tomorrow and the house.  F bought some junk food and then we came back to the house. We both took showers and then came upstairs.  I watched a little telly but turned off the TV around midnight as there isn’t much on.  

F noticed that I got a sunburn on the back of my neck. I was only out in the sun during the craft fair, so I’ll have to be a lot more careful soon.  

Anyway, that’s it.  Tomorrow I have to work on my column as it is due next week.  I also have to try and stay cool as the weather warms up.  Wish me luck with that!  Come back later and see how Monday goes.  Until tomorrow…. 

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