April 24, 2018

Tuesday - Cloudy and rainy

A good day.

I woke up properly to my alarms after F had left for work.  I got up and watched the news, then my morning drama.  I had a very quiet morning and afternoon. I managed to get a little bit more of my column written, so that was good.  

I did watch quite a bit of telly during the day, including the first episode of The Night Manager with the lovely Tom Hiddleston in it.  It looks promising. I was rather impressed that D-Life decided to show it.  

When F came back to the house tonight he asked about taking a bath.  I said I didn’t want to bathe but would go to the onsen and use the wifi there.  He didn’t like that idea much.  For dinner, I suggested a few places and he chose the gyudon place.  Then, he asked his mother to come too.  Next thing I know, F and K are going to go to the onsen together.  Sigh. I bowed out of that. 

We all went to dinner at a gyudon restaurant and I was the only person to have gyudon!  F had fish, K had curry and I had gyudon. It was okay, not really that great.

They brought me back to the house and then K and F went to the onsen.  I might have been a lazy bum all the time I was alone, but I wasn’t. I vacuumed. I did a bit upstairs under my chair…it was getting bad. I did a bit of our room and then the top part of the stairs. I took the vacuum downstairs and plugged it in there. From there I cleaned the fan covers in the bathroom and the toilet room, plus I also did quite a bit of general vacuuming with it. Yay me. I took the vacuum upstairs again and cleaned as I went, just coming downstairs again to unplug the machine.  Whew!

Then, I vegged and was a lazy bum for a while. I did some computer stuff and did a bit of reading.

When F and K did come back, F and I decided to go out again.  I wanted some wifi and K needed rice and I wanted something for my lunch. I also wanted to send something at a convenience store.  

F drove me to a conbini and we sent my friend some of my extra tea there.  She’ll get it soon. Then we were supposed to go to the McDonalds but went on a huge detour.  I knew F was tired, but his wrong turns were getting quite annoying.  Finally, we made it.  And then, when I went in the restaurant I couldn’t get the wifi to work for ages. Sigh.  

After we finished with our cell phones, we went to the grocery store and then the gas station.  We came back to the house soon afterwards.

I took a shower right away and then F and I polished off the guacamole. It was good. It was late, but F finally got to bed. I’m tired and want to go to bed soon, so will end this.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I’m still working on my column and also have a late appointment at the house tomorrow night.  Come back later and see what we get up to!  Until tomorrow….  

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