April 27, 2018

Friday - Sunny and slightly warmer.

A good day.

I had a good morning.  I watched the news from my bed and then snoozed when it was over.  After that, I did get up and did all the usual stuff.  I had breakfast and did a couple of loads of laundry today too.  I’m not sure how much time I’ll have next week.

I didn’t actually work on my column.  I re-read parts of it, but I seemed to always have something else to do.  

After lunch, I went downstairs to wash dishes.  When I was done, I made some guacamole.  I didn’t have the packages of spices so I just made it using some lime juice, salt and pepper. I liked it a lot, F missed the spices.  (Getting ahead of myself there).

When F came back to the house, we had dinner.  K contributed her takenoko stew, some rice and a foraged vegetable with sesame seasoning.  I put in the guacamole and some tortilla chips.  The meal was quite good!

Afterwards, F did the dishes and I dried them.  We went upstairs for a few minutes and when I came downstairs again, his mother had already gone to bed!

F and I went out. He wanted to go to the onsen so I decided to go along for the wifi.  Once there, I decided not to go to the restaurant, instead I sat in the lobby on a comfy chair and used my phone for a bit and read for a bit.  That was nice. 

After he finished, it was almost 10pm.  He asked if I wanted to go somewhere and I said sure.  We planned to go for coffee to the place we went a couple of weeks ago, but F made a wrong turn.  He was going to turn around, but I suggested checking out another place to see if it was still open for things like coffee or tea.  It was!

We went in and ordered. F had French coffee and I had an iced tea, Bengal Spice.  We were chatting a bit when a guy that was at the counter came over.  He was an ALT in Tsuruoka from the US.  We had quite a good chat actually.  

However, around 11pm, F was starting to fade.  Unlike me, he’d actually had to work today so it was understandable.  We drove back to the house and came upstairs.  F plied me with some sparkling wine and we watched The Good Doctor.  I think F fell asleep at the end though.  

And that’s about it.  It was a good day.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll get up to tomorrow, but I’m hoping it’ll be one of the two movies that are playing in the city.  Come back later to find out! Until tomorrow….

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