April 29, 2018

Sunday - Sunny and hot

An okay day.

F woke me up this morning as he was going off to the onsen with his mother. I had gone to bed around 4 so I really didn’t want to get up around 9 but did. Sigh. 

After F and his mother left, I took care of some personal stuff and then watched a bit of TV and had breakfast.  I had a couple of pieces of toast today and they were great. After breakfast, I worked a little more on my loom knitting. 

When F came back, I was watching Agents of Shield and the first words out of his mouth weren’t hello or anything pleasant, they were, “What do you want to eat?” Well, at that moment, nothing.

We had a bit of an argument which was mostly my fault. I may have started it, but F kept it ticking along.  I suggested a couple of restaurants but they didn’t meet F’s exacting standards of cheap and crap-ness.  He suggested one of those restaurants that have horrible food in huge quantities which I refused.  Finally, I suggested going to Foodever which he grudgingly agreed with.  
We drove over there and F had udon and I had gapao rice. Mine was great, he didn’t like his. Sigh. Why am I not surprised?  After lunch, he was in a slightly better mood.  We had a walk through the craft fair and then left.

We drove to Oyama to a coffee shop there.  We each had a cafe latte and a dessert. I had a chocolate chip cookie which I liked, and F had a scone, which he wasn’t too keen on.  It was a nice place I thought, but again, F didn’t seem to like it much.  No idea why.

After, F suggested going to the aquarium, but I thought it might be busy being a big weekend and all.  We decided to go back to Tsuruoka and check out the Chido Museum.  F had to renew his membership there. 

There was a display of art by a local artist, and it was quite good.  I was impressed, and I’m not always.  We spent quite a while looking at the pictures and then checked out the garden of course.  

It was getting close to 4 pm and we wanted to see a movie at 5:30.  I suggested picking up a bento for K and then going to the film.  F suggested getting bento for all of us. I agreed if there was one I wanted.  We looked at the ones in the store and I found an interesting one for me, so we got it.  F and K had tempura on rice, I had tofu burgers on sekihan with vegetables. It was okay.

F and I left with a few minutes to spare and went to the theatre to see Avengers - Infinity War.  I really enjoyed it, F did too, but probably a little less since he isn’t such an Avengers fan.  It was a spectacle, but quite well done.

After the movie, I wanted a drink or something and suggested McDonald.  We went there and then F suggested getting Big Macs as there is some sort of special on at the moment.  I didn’t get a Big Mac, but I did get some kind of burger and F got a Filet of Fish with two fish patties in it.  We ate and used the free wifi.  Yay us.

We came back to the house afterwards.  Since it was only 10 pm and a holiday, I suggested watching something off the DVR so we ended up picking Locke with Tom Hardy.  Basically, it is Tom Hardy in a car driving and talking on the phone. It’s pretty darn good.  I didn’t know if F was into it, but he was!  Yay.

And that was that. Our day. It ended better than it began.  

Come back later and see how we spend our holiday Monday.  Until tomorrow….

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