April 4, 2018

Wednesday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day!

I got up this morning and managed not to have a nap today!  I was too afraid that I wouldn’t be able to wake up on time.  Anyway, I did my usual morning things, had breakfast and watched a little telly, then checked over my lesson plans and made a few new cards for my classes. I think that was a good call.

I had an early lunch and then did my dishes up too.  I changed and did a last minute check then went downstairs to the door.  I put on my fancy shoes that I keep hidden and opened the door. K came over and suggested that I take a big umbrella from the umbrella stand and it was a good idea.  The one I planned to take was rather small.  The taxi went by just as I was doing that, so it stopped and I said goodbye and got in.  

I can’t really write about my classes, but I had two and they went quite well.  I enjoyed them, and I hope that my students did too!  After the class, I made my exit and caught my taxi back to the house.  There was a bit of a detour as he didn’t really know where he was going, but I got back to the house after all!

I came in and honestly, about 3 minutes later, so did F.  We said hello to each other, and a few other things too!  

We went out to the grocery store to get a few things and then came back to have dinner.  K had cooked today, she’d made curry.  

When F and I came back, we heated up the curry, set the table and then ate.  For some reason, K had eaten earlier, so didn’t eat with us.  It was fine though.  We thanked her for the curry.  

After dinner, I did the dishes because I knew that F wasn’t doing well.  I washed them and dried them too.

I came upstairs and have spent the last couple of hours relaxing up here.  I have to go to bed soon. This cold is kicking my butt! I really hope I don’t lose my voice, it is a bit ragged too.  I also have early classes, so I really should get to bed soon. 

F is taking tomorrow off work as he’s really feeling bad, so I’m going to be the only “working” person for a change!  

Come back later and find out what I get up to on Thursday.  Until tomorrow….

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