April 5, 2018

Thursday - Sunny and cool/warmer later on

A good day.

It was a good thing that I went to bed early last night.  When my alarm went off this morning at 7:50 I was able to get up and turn off my alarms.  I started the heater and the hot water.  After a bit, I had my early breakfast and a little conversation with K downstairs.  I was measuring my breakfast out when she came in to find out what was happening.  F had taken today off as he wasn’t feeling good and was going to the doctor.  I was working all day and was leaving at 9:30 in the morning. She decided to go back to bed. 

I got dressed and left on time with the taxi.  F saw me out and in the rush, I forgot to grab my bottle of water from the fridge. Oh dear.  Still, if that was the worst thing to happen, not a big problem.  

I had a lovely taxi ride to the first place I was teaching. I checked in and set up my classroom.  I had taught these students before, a long time ago, so I wasn’t too nervous.  There was no bottle vending machine, so I bought a cup of iced tea from the machine.  I only drank half of it and tossed it. It was too sweet  However, I did fill the cup up again with water to keep on my desk.  

Classes went well. I had two of them and I enjoyed the students and I think they enjoyed themselves.  After I finished, I used the washroom, cleaned the board and tidied up before catching another taxi to S-Mall.  

I had made plans with F to meet for lunch at S-Mall, so I wasn’t surprised to see messages from F when I turned my phone back on.  They said that he was in S-Mall.  However, when I phoned him back he said he was in Marica. It’s a building a few blocks away.  I waited for him to come to me.  He phoned back a few minutes later to say that he couldn’t find the car and could I please come to him?  I was a tad annoyed because I didn’t want to be out in the sun and I was wearing my good shoes and my business suit so really didn’t want to traipse around Tsuruoka.  

He phoned again, but I couldn’t hear him so I hung up on him, and then I saw him across the street.  He started to cross the street in a way that would take him away from me.  Huh?  He changed his mind and we met up in front of Foodever.  It turns out that he didn’t park his car in Marica for some reason, he parked it in a restaurant’s parking lot.  I don’t know why he didn’t park in the parkade!  It is big, free for 3 hours and right there next to the building.  

Anyway, we went in and bought lunch.  The fish place was closed today so I had the gapao rice from Yaku, and F had some kind of chicken donburi.  Mine was great.  After lunch, we had a light dessert in the coffee shop area, but not any coffee since I still had two more classes to teach and didn’t want to risk it!

F very nicely drove me over to the place where I had to teach in the afternoon.  I had two lessons there and they went quite well I think.

After the classes, I checked out and waited for my taxi.  Usually, they are waiting for me, today, I waited for the taxi!  He brought me back to the house and everything went well.  Hurray.

I had a nice reunion with F and after a bit of a rest for me, we decided what to do for dinner.  We did ask K, but she didn’t want to go out.  We got her a bento and then went to Sashimiya.  We both had the negitoro-maguro donburi and it was good.  We also had some fried chicken which was nice but probably wouldn’t bother to have it again.  

After dinner, we went to the Internet Cafe for three hours.  I enjoyed that a lot.  I napped a little and also did a little bit of loom-knitting.  Not much, but it was fine.  

We came back to the house when our time was up.  I took a shower and then F did too.  I watched a little TV to unwind and in a few minutes, I’m going to go to bed. I’m rather tired and it is considerably later than it was last night when I went to bed!  

Come back later if you are up to it and see what I get up to on Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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