May 10, 2018

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy and cold

A good day.  

Last night I used my heater in the room overnight so it was nice to wake up to a warm room in the morning. I used the heater quite a bit during the day too. I had to. It was a surprisingly cold day today.

In the morning, after my initial computer check, I started sewing F’s pocket. The front pocket of his uniform had come away from the jacket, probably because of him putting too many things in his pocket.  I found some thread that was in the right ballpark for colour and started to sew it.  Of course, F came back to the house while I did it, but he did bring me gifts, so that was nice!

After I was done, the rest of my day was fairly quiet.  I didn’t have a great day if I’m honest, my stomach was acting up a bit. I’m not sure if it is from tension, or from something that I’ve eaten over the last few days.

I saw K a few times today.  She always seemed to be in my way!  I wanted to get my lunch, she was cooking.  I wanted to use the washroom, so did she. Funny, often I don’t even see her and today I couldn’t stop.  

In the afternoon after I did my dishes, I decided to go out to the garage to take a look at my bike.  The poor thing. It is very rusty these days. I blew up the tires, but the back tyre seemed soft again just a few minutes later. 

K came out to check on me. I think she thinks I’m either going to run away or steal something.  Not sure which!

F came back to the house after calling tonight.  I told him that his mother had made curry, but I wasn’t sure if I could eat it or not.  

When he got back to the house he said that he wanted to go to the onsen and did I want to come too.  I refused the bath-taking part, but said I’d come for the free wifi! He was disappointed, but it isn’t like we’d be bathing in the same room anyway. 

We went down for the curry.  I heated up the naan from the freezer and F made us some rice from bachelor packs.  I only had a little bit of curry and rice and one of the naan. I was after plainer food.  The curry was okay but K hadn’t cooked the onions enough so they were a little hot.  

After I washed the dishes and F dried some of them, we left for the onsen. When we got there, F noticed that they were having a ramen sale in the restaurant.  He went in to have his bath, and I looked at the restaurant.  It wasn’t busy.  I looked at the menu, but I didn’t really want anything right away.  They did have some udon, which I thought might be okay. I decided to wait for F to finish his bath.  

I went out to the lobby to have a drink and use the wifi.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work where I was, although the drink was okay.  I started a novel on my Kindle App and just relaxed and enjoyed reading again.  

When F finished, I reminded him of the cheap ramen and he decided to have some. Unfortunately, he was so busy figuring out how to use the machine that he didn’t bother asking me what or if I wanted anything.  Grump.  I ended up just getting a drink.  

F ate, I drank and then we left for Tsuruoka.  I was still hungry so asked that we go to MaxValu for something for me.  I got a sandwich for tonight and an onigiri for my breakfast tomorrow morning.  We came back to the house, I ate my sandwich and watched a little TV. I took a shower too. 

And basically that was my day.  

Tomorrow I am planning to go out in the morning to run a few errands and to see if I can get my hair cut. I feel rather shaggy right now, so would really like to get it shorter for summer.  I might also like to do a little shopping and I have to check if I have been paid for last month’s work.  

So that’s it. I’m tired and out of things to write.  Come back later if you are so inclined and find out what I get up to on Friday. Until tomorrow….

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