May 12, 2018

Saturday - Cloudy and a bit cool

An okay day.

This was a bit of a strange day, but not in a bad way.  F got up early and made bread, but after it was out of the machine, he went back to bed and stayed there for hours.  

I went downstairs for a while and cleaned up after him.  I really dislike this thing where he leaves a huge mess and expects someone else to clean it for him.  I washed dishes and the bread maker too. I even disposed of the old cinnamon, that was an exciting adventure.

I came back upstairs and spent time on my computer. F slept on, but around 5 pm I suggested we go and get a bento for everyone and then he and I could go to the movie theatre.  We really should have left earlier and F wanted to go to a make your bento to order place. We drove around but couldn’t find it for a while.  We ordered and I was surprised that the things were made and sold really quickly. I thought we’d have to wait a long while.  

We zoomed back to the house and had our bento plus some leftover salad in the fridge.  We did the dishes quickly and then left for the cinema.  We left the house at 6:11 according to the car’s clock and arrived at Machinaka Cinema at 6:17 so we made really good time!  We went in.

F got the tickets for the movie, I got the drinks and we found our seats.  Tonight we saw Darkest Hour, which I really liked, but F had a bit more trouble with.  He had stomach trouble today and had to leave in the middle of the movie for a while.  Usually, it is me that has to go out, so I always take the aisle seat.  I felt bad for him. 

After the movie, we came back to the house.  I watched some TV and did a little loom knitting, F went to bed after a snack.  

This is my spiral hat.  It's coming along nicely!

I’ve been up for a long time, F has slept most of the day, so why aren’t I sleeping too?  I don’t know, but I’ll be sure to tell you as soon as I figure it out.  

Until tomorrow….

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