May 14, 2018

Monday - Cold and rainy

An okay day.

I woke up with my alarm this morning and went downstairs for a couple of minutes, then came back and watched a bit of news. It wasn’t the “proper” news today, so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.  I got dressed and at 9 I watched my drama.  

Around 10 I went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen.  The reason?  F had made bread overnight and had left the kitchen in rather a big mess.  So, I cleaned it up.  I had some dishes that F had left upstairs too, so I did them as well.  After all of that, I prepared my breakfast and took it upstairs.  

I had planned to wash our bedding today, but I changed my mind because of the weather. It was cold and rainy and nothing dries in that weather.  I want my bedding to dry quickly so I’ll wait until tomorrow when the weather should be better.

I had a very quiet afternoon. I decided to do a few postcrossings, so over the afternoon I wrote 4 postcards.  Of course, I then had to scan them and upload them to the site.  I did that and around that time, F came back from work.

When we talked about dinner, I suggested a couple of places, F picked one.  We invited his mother, but she decided to stay in.  We went to the grocery store, picked up a bento for her and delivered it.  

We went to the restaurant near the main post office, and on the way, dropped off my postcards.  We went to the restaurant which was surprisingly crowded, and had a fairly good meal.  F had fried fish and wasn’t overjoyed with it, I had chicken steak and it was fine. I wasn’t overjoyed with it, but I liked it.  

After we finished I suggested to F that we go to McDonald's to have a drink and get a bit of wifi.  He was fine with that, so off we went.  We both just had a drink and spent a bit of time on our phones.

We came back to the house around 9 pm and went for a walk in the park.  We were gone about 30 minutes, but I think it was good for us. I’ve been meaning to go out more and walk, but I just haven’t been able to make myself go. 

When we came back, I watched a bit of TV and did things on my computer.  F had a report he had to write for work, so he did that and then basically went to bed.  

I stayed up to watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance which was really good.  I enjoyed the dancing a lot this year.  

So that was my day. It was quiet and a little boring.  Tomorrow I hope to get one of the pieces of bedding done and maybe a bit of my own laundry too. Come on back and see what happens!  Until tomorrow….

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