May 18, 2018

Friday - Torrential rain

A not what I had planned day!

I thought that I’d have a quiet day at the house and then go out for dinner with F, maybe get some wifi somewhere.  Nope. 

Overnight, F didn’t do very well.  For all of my ranting about him yesterday, he really did seem to be sick. He got up a couple of times in the night and as he is not a quiet person, I was woken up too.  He did go to work this morning but said he’d try to take time off.

I had my usual quiet morning. I washed a load of laundry and had breakfast, watched telly and some DVR stuff.  Then, just as I was going to text F to see if he was okay, he phoned to say he was leaving work and coming back to the house.  

He spent a couple of hours in bed moaning and groaning.  He might have got a little sleep too.  I had my lunch and while I was eating he kept saying that he had to leave for the doctor now.  I was worried that he was delirious. He wasn’t making much sense.  I finished lunch and we left for his doctor’s office. 

It took a while before F was able to be seen, but after he was, he was given an I.V.  The nurses said it would take an hour, wound up being more like two.  He did manage to snooze a bit during that, I did some knitting on a nearly dormant project!

After a long couple of hours, F was free to go.  He got some medicine and was ready to leave.  He can’t eat for a while, so I suggested taking me to a grocery store so I could buy his mother and me a bento each.  That’s what we did. It was nice for me to tool around the store by myself as well.

We came back to the house. F went to bed almost immediately.  I ate my bento, watched some TV and felt guilty about my ranting about him yesterday.  

Tomorrow he may go back to the same doctor or may go to another one for another health problem.  I probably won’t go with him, unless he wants me too.  I have no idea if I’ll get up to anything close to fun either.  Come back and see if you are up to it.  Until tomorrow….

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