May 27, 2018

Sunday - Hot and sunny and gorgeous

A good day.

I got up this morning a couple of times.  The first time I emailed my friend then went back to bed. The second time my alarm went off and then my friend phoned me.  We made arrangements to meet up with each other at the beach. The next hour and a bit was spent getting ready to go out.  I put on sunblock, got dressed and left with F.  We drove to Yunohama beach and met up with my friend and her two little ones. We spent a few minutes paddling in the water and then left.  My friend’s son had either slipped in the water or had got wet on purpose. He’s 6 so a little hard to tell which it was! She suggested leaving the beach, her running to her home to get him some new clothes and then all of us going to lunch.

After the boy was re-dressed, we went to an udon restaurant in Sakata where we had a nice meal.  It was simple and similar to many I’ve had lately, but fine. Starbucks followed. We had drinks and cookies and more chatting. Sadly, we had to go our separate ways after a while. It was a lovely visit though.

F and I drove back to Tsuruoka and made a pit stop at a second-hand shop.  I bought a postcard and a tea strainer.  We arrived in Tsuruoka and got a few groceries and stuff for dinner.  

Back at the house, F took a short nap and then we had dinner.  F and his mother had some type of noodle, I passed. I had some chicken, potato salad and some cooked vegetables.  It was an okay meal.
I ended up doing all the dishes as F was sick after dinner.  I wasn’t too pleased about that, but I know that he really is sick.  

We came upstairs and had a quiet evening.  We watched The Good Doctor and I did a little bit of knitting on a long put off project.  I took a shower and a bit later F did too.  That’s about it.

Oh, during the ride to the beach this morning I asked F about why he moved seats in the theatre.  He said that he wanted to move his arms freely as they were hurting him and if he moved over just one seat he’d be directly in front of another patron.  He moved over two seats because of that. I let him know that I was really quite hurt because he did that, but I do understand.  We’d had a bad day yesterday, so I’m glad I got an explanation.

Tomorrow F is back to work and has a driving assignment tomorrow.  He’s going to work early and will be late back. Poor thing.

Come back later and see how my day goes. Until tomorrow….

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