June 10, 2018

Sunday - Windy, muggy, cloudy and warmish. Then cold!

An okay day.

I slept in a bit today. F and his mother had breakfast together of udon. Once again, I turned F down. I do not want udon for breakfast says I. I do not want udon for lunch either! I had a couple of pieces of toast with jam or peanut butter.  

F took his mother to the onsen, I did a few things in the kitchen and came upstairs to the room. I spent a bit of time on my computer and relaxed.  When F came back a while later we left and went to the Kokusai Mura (The International Centre). Today was their World Bazaar and we thought we’d check it out.  It was sunny and crowded but okay. I had some spicy potatoes and F had gyoza. Yes, he went to an international food fair and had something he could get in any restaurant in Japan. Sigh. I bought us some iced tea, but it wasn’t iced at or even cold! 

We left after a while. I did grab a couple of books from the reading table.  One was about writing letters, the other was a couple of short stories that sounded difficult but good.  
We were both thirsty, so we went to a coffee shop that F and I like.  It’s very old style Japan.  We had dessert and iced coffee.  We relaxed a bit and played on our mutual phones.  

Our next two places were to get a few shopping things.  I wanted to go to the craft shop for a new sunhat.  They sell nice ones, and once again I got one there.  It has a flap that covers my neck at the back, or I can clip it up and it looks a little more stylish.  F said it looked like the old army guys in Japanese movies!  We also got a few things at the drugstore first.  F got some windshield washer fluid, I got some dishwashing liquid, that sort of thing.  

We dropped off the food trays at the grocery store and picked up a few groceries for the next few days.  I got my usual things, yogurt, sliced meat, salad mix and salad dressing.  

We brought everything back to the house and unloaded the car.  We gave K her bento. She got a very fresh one from the store today, it was still warm.  F and I came upstairs and had nap time for a while.  

He decided that he wanted ramen for dinner so we went to a ramen/curry place and had an okay meal.  We did our patented sitting with each other but not talking to each other thing.  Well, I did try, but when I asked F twice how his meal was and he didn’t answer, I sort of gave up.  

When we finished, I suggested going to see if there were any fireflies yet.  Supposedly there are some around this time of year. He liked the idea, but we decided to go back to the house, pick up some flashlights and then go.  That’s what we did.

We got to the usual firefly spot and even though we walked into the field quite far, we didn’t see any fireflies. We left, maybe we’ll try again in a week or two.  

F suggested watching a film when we got back to the house. I thought it was a good idea so we did.  The only problem? He wouldn’t help me choose one.  There were a couple on the DVR that I wanted to see, but he wouldn’t state his choice. Finally, I chose and it was The Girl With the Pearl Earring.  I’d never seen it before.  I didn’t mind it, I liked the book better of course.  

After all that, F went to bed.  I think since the rainy season is upon us, all of his many, many aches and pains get worse and he’s increasingly cranky.  He is very hard to live with at times.  

Oh, today was also the 18th anniversary of me leaving Tsuruoka and going to Hokkaido.  It was a horrible day as I really didn’t want to leave by the end, but I did!

Anyway, that’s it for me. I’m very tired and I don’t want to write much more.  Come back later if you will and hear about my Monday.  Until tomorrow….

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