June 11, 2018

Monday - Rainy, cloudy and cold

An okay day.

Today was quiet.  I got up, I got dressed, made the bed, drank much too much tea and coffee and stayed around the house. I got 4 postcards in the mail and was only able to register 3 of them.  The sender of the 4th card had only written the number on the card, nothing else.  I couldn’t read the second number and she had also transposed the last two numbers.  I didn’t manage to figure it out until a few minutes ago. 

Lunch was had, TV was watched and the computer was used.  I didn’t hear from F until 5 pm, and he was only calling to say he’d be late.  I barely saw K today, except when she gave me the postcards.  

When F did come back, he was tired.  I suggested going to Kintaro Sushi and he liked that idea. I tacked on going to McDonald's afterwards for some wifi.  When he called me after finishing work, I suggested he pick up a bento for his mother, so she had some food for dinner.  

We went off to Kintaro Sushi. Sadly, it wasn’t very busy.  I know it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more modern keiten-sushi places, but it does have much better fish! Our meal was under 2000 yen, so we did okay I think.  We went to McDonald's then and each had an iced coffee. I had a McFlurry which was quite nice, but not a good idea since I like to breathe!

We came back to the house without stopping anywhere and F went to bed quite soon. He said he didn’t sleep at all last night.  I thought he slept a bit, but if he was tired, then he is probably correct.  I took a shower and watched Project Runway.  It was the first runway show of season 16.  I like the fact that they have models of many sizes on.  That’s a definite improvement.  

And that was my day.  I’m off to bed soon and then I get to do whatever I did today all over again. Maybe!  Come back later and find out how Tuesday goes. Until tomorrow….

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