June 4, 2018

Monday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

This morning I got up on time and did my usual stuff. The proper news wasn’t on, so I ended up doing a bit of a tidy up on F’s side of the bed. He had junk and papers and all sorts of things on the floor. I didn’t clean everything, but I cleaned enough that I could get around the bed to make it.  

This morning, starting around 11ish, WOWOW ran Penny Dreadful or the first 4 episodes of the third season. I watched them all.  I did DVR them in case I had to leave the room or something, but I watched them and then deleted them.  Sigh.  Such excellent, creepy TV.

In the afternoon I opened the Castella cake that my visitors on Saturday gave us.  It was pre-cut, so I gave K a piece and took one upstairs with my lunch.  

F was back fairly early after work tonight.  He didn’t even wait till he was here until he asked me about dinner.  Good heavens.  

When he got back to the house we had some coffee and cake together and he said he wanted to go to the onsen…and then have dinner there. I didn’t have a real objection so it was fine.  We had to get K a bento for dinner, and then buy me some knitting needles, but soon enough we were in the onsen.  

F went off to take his bath, I grabbed some sumi-yaki coffee and a seat. I used the free wifi to update my phone, then I started to cast on. Of course, F appeared just after that!

We had dinner in the cafeteria in the onsen. I’ve been fairly pleased with all the stuff I’ve ordered, and tonight was the same.  I had tonkatsu, F had cold noodles.  Mine was fine, F wasn’t completely happy about his.  

After we finished, we left the restaurant and came back to Tsuruoka.  We went to a couple of convenience stores looking for something interesting, finally found it in the freezer of the second place.  We had been looking for the way to open the door but it seemed written just to me.  

We came back to the house, I watched a little TV and then Project Runway at midnight. That was fun. I saw a couple of episodes when I was in Canada last year.  

And that was it for my day.  Tomorrow, more Penny Dreadful if all goes well, and hopefully another good day.  Come back later and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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