June 5, 2018

Tuesday - Hot but cloudy, bit muggy.

An okay day.  

I got up this morning and was actually quite awake for a change. I went downstairs and then came back up to the room. I watched the news and then my morning detective show.  After that, it was time for breakfast and then Penny Dreadful.  I think I watched 4 episodes again today, but they started earlier so it didn’t feel like such a burden as it did yesterday. One more episode to go tomorrow.  

F popped by a couple of times during the day.  He was in the neighbourhood apparently.  It was nice to see him, but a bit freaky too, since he didn’t call, I just heard him running up the stairs to see me and say hi.  

Yesterday I had started casting on my newest knitting project, today I did a bit more.  I did the beginning ribbing and then switched to the larger needles.  I’m doing it on a circular needle, just to make it easier to take with me.  

My stomach was acting up a bit today, so even though F offered to drop me off downtown I turned him down.  I didn’t really feel like going out was a good idea.  

After F finished work he came back to the house and we talked about our evening plans.  He suggested getting something in for dinner, which could have been a good idea but I wasn’t too keen on it.  We ended up buying his mother a bento and then going to the Internet Cafe for a while.

I ordered myself some food there but I chose badly and it was too greasy for my stomach at the moment.  I did some knitting, I worked on a couple of projects, my latest hat and also the cowl that I’m making.  I did a row on my older work, then switched to my new one. Good idea I think!

I also watched a lot of YouTube. I started thinking about Ian Ogilvy, an old heart-throb of mine from the 70’s. I tried to find some episodes of Return of the Saint. I didn’t find any but did find the opening credits to his show.  Then, I found a new version of the show from last year that he was in.  I watched that. It was okay. It had a little bit of promise but wasn’t quite there yet. It did have the other Saint in it too for a few minutes, Roger Moore.  

On the way back from the Internet Cafe we stopped at the grocery store to buy some bread and of course walked out with more stuff than that.  I was fairly good!  

Came back to the house and showers were taken.  Unfortunately, my stomach still isn’t terribly happy. I hope I haven’t picked up some kind of bug.

Tomorrow, I still have that one episode of Penny Dreadful to watch again, and then I might do some laundry too. I’ve been putting it off!  

Come back later to see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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