June 8, 2018

Friday - Muggy.  Rainy season is coming…

An odd day.

This morning I got up and did my usual stuff, except instead of having tea or hot coffee right away, I had some of my iced coffee that we bought last night.  

I had a quiet morning. I had thought about going over to the park for a walk, but I didn’t.  It might have been my last chance since the rainy season is nearly upon us.

I did receive a postcard in the mail today, a nice one from Germany.  First one this month I think.  

The rest of my day went rather like all the others have lately, quietly.  When I went down to wash my lunch dishes I did so and then I gave K some of my iced coffee.  

F called later to say he was on his way home.  When he arrived we talked about dinner and decided to walk to a local restaurant and have dinner. That way he could have a drink too.  We went to get a bento for his mother and a couple of other things too.  Yay us.

We brought the things back and either put them away or gave them to K for her dinner.  Then F and I set out.  We went to one of the local Korean restaurants.  It was quite a long walk, along roads with no sidewalks, but we made it.  When we got to the place and went in we were a bit surprised.  The place had changed inside. It used to be a mishmash of kitschy furnishings, now it was quite stylish and tasteful.  It looked better, but sadly the food just wasn’t as good.  We each had bibinba and shared a chichimi. It was good, but not great.  We decided that we probably wouldn’t go there again.

We walked back to the house via the convenience store for some ice cream and cold drinks.  Back at the house, we ate our ice cream before it melted and drank our drinks.  We watched The Good Doctor and then I watched Bates Motel.  A double shot of Freddie Highmore.  

F and I had an argument about an entry on my old blog. I had made the mistake of reading part of it to him.  Sigh.  He really has no sense of humour sometimes.  So, does this mean that the whole weekend is spoiled?  Somehow, I think it does.  I’m not really sure that it was going to be a good one anyway.  

The whole point of us going out to dinner tonight was to spend time together and be able to chat.  Both coming and going to the restaurant and back, we didn’t talk.  At the restaurant, we didn’t talk.  They had free wifi and so we were both paying too much attention to our phones to talk to each other. 

Anyway, I’d better end this now.  If tomorrow goes well, you’ll likely hear from me, if it doesn’t, you might not! Come back later and see what happens. Until tomorrow….

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