March 14, 2019

Happy Pi Day! Thursday - Rainy and cold

F woke me up this morning. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and thinking that it was an accident, but it was annoying since I had 10 minutes of dream time left!  After he left, I set up to watch the Foreign News. I tend to snooze during the non-English ones. I snoozed through half of the US news today though…had to hit rewind on the DVR and watch it again. 

I went downstairs to get my breakfast and do laundry around 10:30. I was late for everything today. F had asked that I cut the bread we bought at Gyomu Supa, so I cut a few slices. K came into the kitchen while I did that and I told her to please have some bread. 

I did two loads of laundry and hung them up in my room. With the heater on most of the day, they got fairly dry.  Yay.  I did no Postcrossings again today, although I did register a card that arrived. Sigh. In the afternoon I watched a bit of stuff off the DVR and then had lunch. I did my dishes a bit late, but it wasn’t a problem. 

I got a call from F around 5:15 and I thought he would say he was on his way back to the house. Nope. He was still in a town a couple of hours away. He said that he’d hopefully be back around 7:30, but I should go ahead and make dinner. Except, HE was supposed to make dinner tonight. It was nabe night and that’s his job!  He asked that I make it for his mother and me and I said I’d try.

I went downstairs around 6:30 and started on the nabe. I cut veggies, piled them in the nabe and put the tofu in too. I even cut the meat into smaller pieces. It was all a bit white in colour so I washed and sliced up a carrot very thinly for the colour. I set the table and put the nabe out on the little “conro” and started to cook the nabe.  As I was doing that, F called to say he was finished work and was on his way back to the house. 

When F arrived, the nabe had just finished cooking. He had great timing.  The nabe went rather well and we all liked it. We’d used a bought soup this time, a sesame-flavoured one, and it was really good. I made F keep a bit of the nabe for his mother’s lunch tomorrow since I won’t be around and there’s not much else. K is going to have it tomorrow with rice I think.  

I cleared the table and did the dishes. I knew F needed some downtime so I didn’t mind. Besides, there wasn’t that many. I’d done a lot before I cooked the nabe.  

F and I went out to Starbucks tonight for a little rest and relaxation. I had a tea latte and F had a decaf cappuccino. I didn’t know that Starbucks made them! We had a nice time there. F had given me some chocolate last night before bed, so when I had a good excuse to walk by the counter I bought him a couple of things for his White Day present. He got some instant coffee for weekends, a chocolate bar and a chocolate waffle thing.  The clerk offered to wrap them, so I accepted. I took them with me when I left and then gave him the goodies when we got to the house. He was pleased.

I took a shower and afterwards watched Killing Eve. I love that show. It is so twisty and turny. While I watched it I scanned some flyers and my incoming postcards. Yay!

That’s about it for my day. Tomorrow, I’m having lunch with a friend. I may try and get my hair cut afterwards or just chill out at the mall. We shall see. Come back later and find out what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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