December 3, 2017

Sunday - Cold and rainy, with snow

A goodish day until later on.

I slept in again this morning. F got up early and made some bread, which he fed me when he came back upstairs. His mother was under the weather and didn’t want to go out. She took some cold medicine and went back to bed.  

F and I planned to go to one restaurant, but when we got there, we discovered that it was booked for a private function instead. I suggested another place nearby and we went there. Lunch was courtesy of Junior Paper Moon today and it was nice. We each had a lunch set and it came with some ginger tea to start, an amuse-bouche of sashimi and vegetables, and then our main dish plus drink afterwards. We could have added on dessert, but didn’t. I had pasta with chicken and mushrooms, F had a soup pasta in a hot stone bowl. His was vegetarian, which seemed to surprise him more than it did me! 
Our amuse-bouche.  I think it has caviar, plus sashimi and radish.  It's on a plate made of slate!

Chicken and mushroom pasta with a soy sauce.  Very nice!

After lunch we bought a few groceries and delivered them to the house. F talked to his mother for a while, so I went upstairs and did some computer stuff.  

F wanted to leave again which was fine with me. I wanted to get some stain remover from the mall, so we went there first. However, F didn’t think that was where we were going. He kept talking about dinner. It wasn’t even 5 pm yet, it was less than 3 hours since we had lunch and he wanted more food. I got a bit mad at him to be honest. If he wanted to eat that was fine, but I sure wasn’t ready. 

We looked at the stain remover in the shop and it wasn’t quite what I thought it was. Instead, I got something similar and hope it’ll work the way I need it to. After that, I talked F into having a cup of coffee, so we went to Doutors and had a drink. When we sat down, F realized he’d forgotten to bring his cell phone. Oh, the irony!  I tried not to rub his nose in it.  

After our drink, we went for dinner. I still thought it was too early, but that was his choice. We went to a ramen/curry restaurant. F had ramen and I had a steak salad that was rather nice. There was some thunder and lightning and really heavy rain during our meal.  It was scary to hear it.

When we finished our meal we drove over to Yamaya and got a few things. I wanted some decaf tea for evenings, and also something nice! We picked up a few things. I even got some Havarti cheese…yum. We couldn’t find everything so went over to the big grocery store and picked up the things we had forgotten earlier. I got F’s mum some corn flakes, and us some packaged salads that will be good for a while. We got some milk too.  

We came back to the house and put things away. Or F did, but hid my stuff and put it in strange places. I had to sort it out. Then, he beetled off again and I did the garbage in the kitchen. I got it ready and even took it out. Later F decided to combine the kitchen bag with the bag from the garage. Thank you so much for interfering. It really irritated me. 

Earlier in the day, I had posted a note on a Facebook group that I belong to asking about the weather on the other side of the country and if I should pack my boots when I travel. I got quite a snarky response from a member of the group and so I have decided to change my trip. I’m still going to go to Sendai, but I don’t think I’ll bother attending the event that I had been looking forward to attending all year.   

I seem to be really sensitive this year. I think it is a combo of hating the place that I live, a cranky husband, missing my family at Christmas, and missing the two people that have died over the last year and a bit. Christmas time was the time of year that we always contacted each other and I know that I won’t ever hear from them again.  

I pulled out of a Christmas Card exchange the other day because someone said something I found to be rude, so maybe I just need to take a chill pill? Or not. Maybe I really do just need to be alone for a few days and wallow. I looked up the price of a one-way ticket back home today, and it wasn’t that bad. 

I really don’t want to think about things anymore. I need a bit of time, and I’ll probably change my mind, but who knows? I have until the 6th to cancel my hotel without paying a fee. I’d have to cancel my plans with an ex-student, but it would probably be fine.  

Tomorrow F might be off work as he wants to take his mother to the doctor. She’s unwell again, poor thing. She has a nasty cough.  F did ask if I wanted to go too, but really, what’s the point? He may go to work after the Doctor visit, or he might not, it depends on his office.  

Well, that’s it for me. I’m tired and I should be in bed already.  Until tomorrow…?

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