January 11, 2018

Thursday - Cold and snowy

A usual day…just had a ton of snow that I went out and tried to clear.  

I also finished the hat that I was making on my loom. It was fun and I’m already planning my next one!

F and I had dinner at the curry place and then went to the internet cafe for 3 hours to relax.  I finished my hat while I was there.

Here are some pictures from my day.

View from the front door

A tree is somewhere under there.

Above the front door.

My hat on the loom.  Nearly there!

Finished and off the loom and...

on my head.  It's a little big, but I like it!

Until tomorrow…..


Rosa said...

Oh my goodness! How do you not go mad with all that snow? I would never be able to leave the house and then I would get cabin fever and freak out even more.

I like that hat style and color. I think adding a giant pompom to it would be hilarious! But maybe that's not your style! Lol.

Helen said...

We DO go mad with all the snow! My poor husband has to spend much of his time at work shovelling it. I really don't want him spending his off work time doing it too, so I tried to do it for him.

A giant pompom? I'd love to, but I don't think I have quite enough yarn left for that. I probably have enough for a smaller one though. And it could be my style!

Karen MIchele said...

Love your hat!!!

Helen said...

Thank you!