January 10, 2018

Wednesday - Snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning and refilled the kerosene tank, brought it upstairs and started the heater.  The room warmed up fairly quickly and I watched the news and did my normal morning stuff. NCIS was good and then I went downstairs to see about breakfast.  K wasn’t around, so I just grabbed my food and came back upstairs.  It was nice, chocolate granola and yogurt.

I watched a bit of TV and then started doing a Postcrossing.  I finished it and then went downstairs to grab lunch.  K still wasn’t around, so I put a few things together and just as I was about to leave…she came in.  I said hello and she was fine with everything.  She offered me some of her pickles from yesterday which I accepted.  I took a small bowl of them upstairs.  They were good…quite hot really, but nice.  The rest of lunch was salad, chicken and toast.  Kind of yum.  

I went downstairs again a little earlier than yesterday and did my dishes.  I came back upstairs and watched my second episode of Reign of the day. I’m in the second season I believe and things were really hopping on today’s episode.  I find myself really admiring Megan Follows’s work on the show. I still think of her as Anne (or if I’m truly honest, Jenny (Matt and Jenny) then Anne, but she is a good actress and her part gives her lots of scenes to sink her teeth into.

I ended up writing 4 cards which I then had to scan and stamp. Unfortunately, I finished up all of my 10 yen stamps, so I’ll have to get more before I send more cards.  

F came back to the house around 6 and we discussed dinner.  I postulated that the avocados were ripe and said I could make guacamole.  We could have some guac and tortilla chips, some garlic sausage and then some blueberries for dessert.  And that’s what we did for dinner.  It wasn’t terribly healthy I suppose, but it was at the house and together, so not too bad overall.  

After doing the cleanup and the dishes (which F did for a change…woot) the two of us went out to the onsen. We went to a new one for me, Denden in Mikawa.  Before we left, we did quite a bit of snow shovelling.  There was a lot of snow today. We arrived at the hot spring around 9 pm so only had an hour to do that bath thing.  

The bath itself was a really good temperature for me, but the facilities were a bit older than the other places I’ve been to lately and I didn’t really like it that much.  It was fine though and no one bothered me while I was bathing so that was good for me.  

I decided to leave early so that I wouldn’t make F wait a long time and was out in oodles of time.  I had forgotten to comb my hair though, so I did that! I was in the lobby drinking some water when F finished.  He had enjoyed it too, probably more than I did.

We drove back into Tsuruoka and stopped at a convenience store to mail my postcards and buy some snacks. We got back to the house and relaxed a bit more.

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow. I’ll be sure to keep you posted though. Come back if you want and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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