January 3, 2018

Wednesday - Cold and snowy

A good day.

F and I slept in quite late this morning.  It was F’s last chance for a couple of days to sleep in and I’m always happy to sleep when I can.  Finally, he stirred himself around 11 and went out to shovel some snow.  Later on, he made his mother some food.  

I got up too and dressed, I just didn’t go downstairs.  I didn’t want to have soba, so I went down, grabbed one of the new bagels, toasted it a little and put cream cheese on it.  I came upstairs to eat.  Honestly, while I was down there I saw the horrid mess that F had left in the kitchen and I ran away. There was no way that I was going to do his dishes today.

A little later F called me down to have some of the cake that we’d bought on our way back as his mother’s souvenir.  We were looking forward to it, but when he opened the box we both started laughing.  We had expected a whole roll cake, inside were 5 pieces of individually wrapped roll cake!  He had the big knife standing by to cut the cake too, but we didn’t need it!  The cake was good, but we were a bit surprised by the whole thing.

After our snack, I asked F if we could go out.  I had a card and a nengajo to mail and I also wanted to do some shopping.  We mailed the stuff on the way to the store, no problem.  At the store, Seria, another hundred yen shop, I got the last of the looms that I was looking to buy, got that one and a couple of other ones too.  

I suggested coffee to F and he agreed.  We drove over to S-Mall and first had some ice cream, and then our coffee.  Both were very nice.  

We picked up a bento for K and along the way, F asked if I’d like to go to an onsen tonight.  I would.  

We delivered the bento, picked up our towels and stuff and went for dinner.  The place I had first suggested was closed today, so I asked about another restaurant in the area.  We went to a Chinese place and had a nice meal.  We ordered 3 different plates and shared them.  We had fried rice, cabbage and pork with miso sauce, and su-buta, a version of sweet and sour pork.  They were all nice.

We drove out to the onsen after our dinner, and I was happy because the parking lot was nearly empty. Woot. Not really. Unfortunately, there was a sign up saying that their pump was broken and they would be closed until the 12th!  We ended up going to the place near the house instead.  It was fine.  I got into a couple of conversations again, which I really don’t want to do.  I just want to zone out in all honesty, I don’t want to make small talk with people.  For any of you that accuse me of being rude, I wasn’t.  I just wanted to be left alone.

I finished before F did so waited for him outside the changing areas.  I was deciding on a drink when he showed up too.  We each got one and sat and relaxed for a few minutes, then left to go shopping.  

We picked up a few things for tomorrow’s lunches, nothing too major, then came back to the house.  I watched a little telly and tried my new tea, I gave F some of my old tea.  He liked it.  And that is that.

F is back to work tomorrow. I feel a bit sad for him, hopefully, he’ll be okay. I worry that no one will have done snow removal at his office and he’ll have to do it all. I’m back on lunches and possibly breakfasts if my MIL will join me.  I’m planning to make some porridge if she ever gets up when I’m up.  

Come back later and find out how my Thursday goes.  It could be nice, it could be scary!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Sounds like the new year has been pretty relaxing for you so far. Hopefully that continues! :D

Are you taking up weaving now? I'm so curious about the looms. (Like I need another hobby and the equipment that comes with it! Lol!)

I know what you mean about not wanting to chat with strangers. I mean, it's fine sometimes, but no one wants to answer the same old boring questions a) when you're naked and b) when you're soaking and want to just relax!

Helen said...

Hi, and happy new year to you!

It hasn't been too bad this year. I was actually sorry this morning that F had to go to work, not relieved, so better than usual yes!

Not weaving, a knitting loom. I thought I might try making a few scarves or hats so I picked up a couple of knitting looms. I hope that I can make them work. I looked at some websites last night and saw a bit of someone using one on YouTube. I've got tons of yarn and I really should use it up!

Yes exactly about chatting with strangers. Usually they try to speak to me in Japanese which would be fine if I actually understood it! I'm in the bath to relax, not practice my language skills.

Thanks for visiting :-)