January 2, 2018

Tuesday - Clear & sunny, then snowy

A good couple of days.

I don’t have time to go into everything, but we had a couple of lovely days together.  We left Tsuruoka around 3 I think on Monday and arrived around 5ish.  We had no trouble in the hotel either, but it was a very small room.  I’m glad we only stayed there one night.  It did have a fabulous view though.  

We went to an izakaya for dinner and then went to see It at the cinema.  I liked it, but really thought that Tim Curry was so much better. Of course, some of the effects were really good, but dammit, I missed Tim Curry. 

We came back to the hotel after getting lost on the first floor of the building and had a quiet evening.  We both went to bed fairly early surprisingly.

This morning I was up before F!  That’s a surprise.  He wouldn’t wake up.  We had an early checkout and I wanted to have breakfast and then a shower.  Breakfast was okay. I didn’t think it was that great.

We checked out after my shower and drove to Costco and did a little shopping.  It was busy, but not obscenely so.  We didn’t get a huge amount of stuff but got another kitchen mat, some junk food, bagels, tissues and some fruit. We paid and decided to skip the food court as it was very crowded. 

We had lunch in a pasta restaurant in the historic shopping area.  F surprised me by picking a place that I would like!  It was very nice and I even had a pasta with oysters.  I quite liked it, it came with turnip soup and a salad, and F added on desserts for us. After the meal, we went to the shopping mall.

It took ages to find a parking spot, but finally one turned up.  We went into the mall.  F did a little shopping and so did I. I got some yarn again. I have no plans, but a few ideas for it. It was one of those fill up a basket for ¥1000 deals.  I was doing okay when F came over and started telling me how to do it so I could fit more in.  I just laughed and told him to try it.  He did and realized that I’d been doing fairly well. It was hilarious watching him scramble to pick up all the balls that fell off the basket!! Okay, not hilarious, but quite amusing!

He got himself a few things. I tried on a couple of shirts but ultimately decided not to get them. They were on sale, but one of the things I tried irritated my skin and made me overheat immediately. Better not be having that.  

We had a drink and visited Kaldi.  We got a few things for the house and then headed back out of the mall.  F wanted dinner before we left the city and it was fine with me.  We found a Yakiniku restaurant that we’ve been to before and had an okay meal.  It was more expensive than we thought it would be, so F was a little upset. 

We drove back to Tsuruoka and made good time despite having just horrible weather.  It was very snowy on the way.  

When we got here, we unpacked the car and put away our new stuff.  F went to bed an hour or more ago, I should go soon too.  We’ve had a bit of snow and more is forecast, so tomorrow might be fun.  

Come back later on and see how the new year is going with me!  Until tomorrow….

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