February 27, 2018

Tuesday - Snowy and cold

An okay day!

Did you miss me? I had a great time in Chiba around Narita and since there wasn’t snow there, and there is here, just didn’t want to come back. It was great seeing many of my friends and I was able to get to know a few people better, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  

I got back last night and after a nice dinner basically went to bed around midnight. I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake any longer.

Today I got up around the right time and watched the news. I got dressed too and made the bed, but didn’t have a drink for a while. I grabbed my breakfast and watched a couple of episodes of my teen show.  

I was supposed to have been all about my Journal column today, but I procrastinated and caught up with many other things!  I read blogs, Facebook and read email too. I wasn’t ready to write yet. 

I saw K in the early afternoon when my suitcase arrived.  I gave her a souvenir from my trip and instructed her to eat it soon!  It was a very perishable one and I wanted her to enjoy it while it was still good.  

I got lunch for myself and came back upstairs. I had a fairly simple lunch today as my stomach is rebelling from all the rich and almost unfamiliar food I had over the last few days.

I did my dishes rather late and was shocked to see that we’d had a couple of centimetres of snow again today. Sigh. 

When F called to say he was done work, he asked if I’d come to his car dealership with him. While I was away, someone had hit his mirror on the passenger side of the car and knocked it off. Today it was being replaced and he wanted me to come with him. We’d wait for the repair and then have dinner in a nearby restaurant.  That is what we did. The car dealership also had free wifi so I got to play on my phone for a while.  

We had a good dinner at Cocos and then came back to the house.  F wanted to go to an onsen, but I didn’t, so I sent him off while I worked on my column. I actually did work on it and wrote about a couple of movies. Yay me.

F came back just after 10 pm and then went out again. He did offer to take me out with him, but I was working on my column and things were going well so I didn’t want to leave.  He came back a bit later and went to bed fairly soon afterwards.  

I’ll likely go quite soon as I’m still a bit tired. What did I get up to when I was away? Well, the train trip itself was basically 6 or 7 hours long. We did karaoke, sightseeing, some shopping, some temple viewing, some eating, some drinking and a whole lot of enjoying ourselves with each other. The ladies that I spent time with belong to my women’s group AFWJ. We’re part of the subgroup for women who don’t have children. It was great to just spend time together. We went our separate ways on Sunday and I stayed on an extra night in a different hotel in Narita city. It was really enjoyable, but there was a 2am earthquake to keep things exciting! On Monday before my trip back I visited the Naritasan Temple again and did a little shopping on the street leading to the Temple. In short, I just really enjoyed myself. I didn’t really want to come back as there was no snow and the weather was so much nicer than it is here!

Well, that’s it for me.  Come back later and see what happens on Wednesday!  Until tomorrow….

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