February 6, 2018

Tuesday - Snowy to the Max…

A good day.  

My first thought this morning wasn’t a nice one.  F’s alarm was blaring above my head and he wasn’t in the room. I turned it off and then my own one too. F came back in and said that he had to go and shovel out the car, it was covered in snow. I got dressed and went out to help. I didn’t expect that I would be outside long but did dress up warmly.  

F had cleaned up a lot of snow, but it was too snowy to get out of the driveway. He got stuck at one point and wouldn’t let me help push the car.  I cleared the snow around the house while he worked on other areas. The next thing we knew, his mother was outside too and was toddling over to the car to help push it. Since I knew the last thing he’d want was another person that he’d have to keep track off, I asked her not to do that and we tried to chase her back inside.  

Finally, F got the car back into the parking space and called his work. He took today off. The snow was insane.  We cleaned up a bit more snow, the two of us and then went back upstairs. I watched the rest of the news and NCIS: LA. After those shows I offered F a breakfast of cereal, so we had that upstairs. After all of that, I’m afraid I just took a nap.  I think F did too!

After 1 pm we all piled into the car and went to Gusto for lunch. We all had basically the same lunch and it was quite nice. After lunch, we went to the post office to pick up my present from my sister. The post office had tried to deliver it yesterday, but probably K hadn’t heard the doorbell.

We came back to the house and were a bit shocked. The snowplough had gone through again and we couldn’t drive into the doorway. Many of our neighbours were outside digging out their own driveways. I let K into the house and then dropped off my handbag and parcel.  F and I worked together and separately and moved most of the big ice boulders that were in the way.  

F parked the car and we came back inside. I watched the news and a documentary that was very interesting.  F was on his phone most of the time. He suggested dinner at one point, so we talked about it and decided to go for sushi. F reserved a table for us and we left. 

The roads were drivable but in bad condition.  We made good time as he’d gone a different way from usual.  We parked and then had a nice dinner.  Neither of us ate as much as we usually do, which was a good thing.

After dinner, we stopped at a drugstore to pick up some liquid hand soap and something for F too.  We went to a place that I used to go a lot, but it has been completely renovated so looks very different.  

We came back to the house and spent a quiet evening in. F had wanted to go to the onsen, but I begged off tonight.  He did plan to go without me but changed his mind.  

I watched a bit of TV and caught up on a bit of email and news reports.  I found out that John Mahoney, the father on Frasier died on Sunday. It’s very sad as he was always someone that I really liked.  He was brilliant in Say Anything…there’s a scene where he is paying a bill by credit card and he’s also trying to ask the saleslady out that is just so well written and acted…. 

So that was my day.  It turned out okay.  Tomorrow F has to go back to work. I’m a bit afraid for him in case he’ll be shovelling snow all day.  It is so bad for his back.  I’m hoping he’ll do something else.  Fingers crossed. Come back later and see what we get up to. Until tomorrow….

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