March 30, 2018

Friday -Sunny? I didn’t go out

Not a good day.

I overslept this morning, was quite upset with myself, but then again, I am sick and on medicine, so it isn’t like there aren’t reasons to oversleep!  I got up, dressed, made the bed, the usual.  I had breakfast but didn’t do the laundry I planned to do.

I had a quiet day.  I saw K briefly when I went down to make my lunch and asked her if she’d like something. I thought she’d said yes, so I changed my plan a little and started making something better for her.  Five minutes later she came back in the room to tell me that she didn’t want anything!  This communication thing is hard!

F was a bit late tonight and seemed to be in an okay mood at first.  He said that his mother wanted to make miso soup, which was fine with me.  Apparently, she wanted us to eat it with her. Fine.  Then I told him that I had to contact the people I’m meeting tomorrow about something and the next thing I know he’s asking me about something I don’t even understand.  I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. He got angry and started growling the way he does.  Then, he said that he was going to take his mother out for dinner and then to the onsen.  What a change.  He didn’t care that there was no food for me in the house, didn’t even offer to bring me back anything later.  

He left with his mother and I was alone.  Nice. I really didn’t feel like going out and I wasn’t hungry for a while, so I stayed put.  

I watched some TV and enjoyed the quiet. I worked on my pink loom hat. When he came back he ignored me for a while and then gave me some money for tomorrow and said that he was going to go to the doctor in the morning, and maybe couldn’t drive me downtown.  Great.  I asked him to check the bus schedule for me and the closest bus stop’s buses don’t run on the weekend.  Oh goody.

A little later he said he wouldn’t go to the doctor after all, but I think he should go if he can.  I don’t really care what he does.  I have the opportunity for a change to not spend the day with him and if I’m feeling up to it, I’m not going to spend time with him at all.  He was invited to join us later on, but I’m thinking we might not want that to happen. 

Anyway, that’s about it for me for tonight.  If I feel up to it I’ll update later on. If not, I won’t!  Until tomorrow….

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