April 1, 2018

Sunday - Cloudy but warmish

A horrible day that ended better…

This morning I woke up feeling hot.  F was up and sitting at the desk in the other room watching a movie.  I was surprised, tried to go back to sleep, but realized quickly that I needed to go downstairs asap!  

When I came back I was yelled at for quite a while. I gave as good as I got, which probably wasn’t very mature of me, but was normal.  F stormed off to the onsen and then to get a massage, all without a thought as to food for his wife.  

I had an English muffin that was left from my lunches and then took my medicines.  I drank a lot of tea and worked on the classes that I’ll be teaching next week. Over the course of the afternoon, I got the first two prepared, so that was quite good.  

F came back and seemed in a little better mood.  I asked him if he’d drive me to my party in the evening and he said he would.  He still wouldn’t come though.  

I tried to take a nap around 4 but F was in the room and I think he was trying to nap too.  He was as noisy as usual and up and down for a while, so I really didn’t get much sleep.  I think I started to snore a bit too, so that wasn’t helpful at all to my throat.

Around 6 F drove me to the restaurant.  I went in and some of the people were there already.  I sat beside the other member of my women’s group and chatted with her and some of the other ladies.  We were sitting at two different tables so it was a little hard to talk to everyone.  I had a great time and some yummy food, so I really didn’t want to leave.  

When I phoned F to ask him to come and get me he didn’t even say hello to me.  I only knew he was there when the phone stopped ringing.  I asked him to come and he did.  He took me shopping as I had asked and I picked up a bit of food for the next couple of days.  I’m not sure how things are going to go with us.  He did ask if I’d like to go to the Internet Cafe or have a massage, but I said no.  I changed my mind about the Internet Cafe but did suggest that we not stay as long as usual since he has to be up early tomorrow and it was already after 9 pm.  He wanted to stay for the three hours.  

I took my loom knitting over and we got our massaging chairs.  Mine was nice and comfortable and it helped me relax.  I dozed off a couple of times but did do a little of my looming.  

We left just as our 3 hours were up and came back to the house.  I brought my stuff upstairs and then went downstairs and did up the gomi in the kitchen.  I added it to the gomi from up here and put it in the genkan for F to take out in the morning. I hope he gets to do it.  Sometimes his mother takes it out.

And that was my day.  It did get better in the evening. If he is able, F might take me to the doctor tomorrow.  I’m not that much better and now it sounds like my voice is going.  As I have some classes this week it isn’t a good thing really. I gave F a bit of a hug this evening and he seemed happy to get it.  

Tomorrow I have more classes to prepare and probably some laundry to do.  Come back later and find out what happens next.  Until tomorrow….

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