May 5, 2018

Saturday - Sunny and warmish

A good day, a really nice holiday!

Surprisingly for me, F and I had a great little break in Akita.  We didn’t have any big plans and just kept things loose and it seemed to work.  We always managed to see a few things that were interesting and in the end just enjoyed ourselves.  The weather was a mixed bag…a bit of rain and a bit of sun, which actually worked out well for us.  

I didn’t do a lot of shopping, except for tea and postcards. I enjoy both, so no worries that way.  We saw about 3 museums, 2 of which were good, some interesting demonstrations of Akita festival activities and ate some okay food.  We never really found a great Akita food restaurant, but I’m okay with that.

We arrived back to the house around 9:30 pm and of course K was in bed.  We never saw her at all.  

Here are a few pictures….make of them what you will!  

At Kisakata Roadside Service Area

At Herb World

A Bridge that we discovered while walking.

Lantern pole used in the Kanto Festival. This weighs around 35kg.

A "float" for a Akita Festival.

Hello there!

Baba-hera...not exactly ice cream...strawberry and banana ice.
And yes, we bought it from an elderly lady at a parking space near the beach!

I have to be up early to visit a friend tomorrow, so gotta go.  Until tomorrow….

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