May 7, 2018

Monday - Cloudy and then rainy

Not a great day.

I woke up early this morning, F was still sleeping.  I came back to bed a little later and fell back asleep.  When F’s alarm went off he didn’t turn it off for a long time.  I sleepily said goodbye to him, but he ignored me.

I had a fairly good, but quiet day at the house.  I did some laundry and the second load was towels.  I took them over to the garage to hang upstairs as they were heavy, big and take ages to dry.  While I was there, K came into the garage to do something. I said hello but she didn’t hear me.  When I tried to go back into the house, she’d locked the door.  No problem, I know where the spare key is. I unlocked it and then went back into the house.  I started to go upstairs, but I heard someone up there.  It was K.  She said she was looking for me, but I’m not sure I believe that.  Still, I don’t care that much.  I did have all my clothes to be washed lying on my bed, so she probably thinks I’m even messier than I really am.

A little later on she called me downstairs to help her find the soy sauce.  Well, the answer was in the fridge exactly where it always is.  She wasn’t wearing her glasses and didn’t recognize it.  I didn’t mind really, just thought it was funny.

The day passed. I watched a lot of stuff off the DVR and had lunch too. I waited for F to come back or phone.  He didn’t. 

Finally, he showed up after 7 pm in another mood.  He went out to get some food for his mother and then came back and started to go to bed.  I was really surprised. He was saying he didn’t want to think about what I wanted to eat.  That was fine, but I did need something to actually eat first.  

He agreed to take me out to the grocery store. He did and gave me some money to take into the store with me.  I bought a couple of things.  He had gone to the local store and it is crap. It doesn’t sell the things that I want to eat.  After the grocery store, I asked that he take me to a drugstore, which he did.  I went in alone again (hurray!) and bought a few things.  

I came back out to the car and F drove us home. He’s been listening to radio dramas on his phone again.  He listens with earphones on, and they have damaged his hearing quite a bit. I noticed a lot of the time on our trip that he wasn’t hearing things I was saying. I would say something and two seconds later, he’d say almost the same thing.  It’s rather worrying.  I wish he’d spend more money and buy better quality earphones. He gets his at the hundred yen shop and they don’t work. 

I heated up my food and then brought it upstairs. I had some beets, some chicken and some frozen pasta.  I quite enjoyed my meal, all the more since I didn’t have to answer for anyone.  F made himself some ramen I think, he was slurping away in his corner of the room.

F went to bed, I stayed up and watched a bunch of telly.  I watched the good stuff off the DVR. Yay me.  

I spent most of the evening looking at fares to Canada and hotels in neighbouring cities in case I get the nerve to actually take off and give him some solitude for a while. I think I could really go for it but probably won’t go for now.  

Anyway, that’s it for me for today.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  Come back later and see if I post or not!  Until tomorrow….

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