August 10, 2018

Friday - Hot and humid, rain at night

A good but sticky day!

I woke up fairly early today and managed to get a bit more sleep.  Even though it was a work day, I slept in a little bit.  

I had a quiet, normal sort of morning.  I had breakfast and then lunch, I did my dishes and then I got dressed for work.  

I took a taxi to my first workplace, taught a couple of classes which went fine and then took another taxi to my second workplace.  I had a little extra time so I had a quick snack, then set up for my class.  This last class went quite well too.  Hurray.  I’ve taught most of these students before and enjoy them.

While I was closing up shop, F texted me.  I went out to meet him and we went off for dinner.  Well, it was dinner for me, for him it was dessert!  We went to Gusto and I had some Japanese fried chicken and then a parfait, F had a parfait and we both had drink bar.  

We came back to the house after our meal and F went to bed.  I stayed up and watched a couple of TV shows, particularly Instinct and Bates MotelBates Motel has really amped things up this last year.  The last season will be on sometime I think.  

It was a long but good day and I’m tired.  I’m also tired of this horrible weather.  Today was hot and sticky when you aren’t under the air conditioner. Luckily I was for most of the day, but it was hard to leave the rooms with AC! 

Not sure what we’ll get up to this weekend.  F has also taken Monday off, so not sure if he’s got plans or not.  I hope it doesn’t involve driving to look at flooded areas or going north in a rainstorm! Come back later and see what we get up to on Saturday.  Until tomorrow….

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