December 2, 2019

Monday - Rainy and cold

I woke up when F got up this morning and never did go back to sleep.  It was fine though. I watched the news programmes and started a load of laundry. I also did something that I had been putting off for ages, got it done just in time too.  

I actually had a fairly productive day. I got three things done on my To-Do list, so that was good. 

The problem started at dinner time, as it so often does.  I had made a stew as we agreed on yesterday. I had finished it. Now, a stew isn’t a difficult thing to make really, particularly with the Japanese roux boxes, but it takes time to cut all the veggies and to cook it properly.  Well, F had just come back to the house and had changed his clothes.  He wanted to go and get a massage later on, so he went into the living room to call the place to see if he could get in.  I was getting things ready and was looking for rice since we were planning to have the stew on rice.  I could only find two packages.  I thought it was odd, but I thought that I’d share one with K, and F could have the other. He came in the kitchen and instead of being helpful was a jerk. His first plan was to cook some noodles for himself. It might have worked if it wouldn’t take long. His next stupid idea was to use mochi. I’m not sure how that would work, but whatever. As long as I didn’t have to do it.  I said again that it was fine for K and me to split a packet, he could have the other one. At that, he stormed off and said that he wasn’t going to have any. I yelled something not very polite after him.  I split the packet of rice with K and we ate, although she wasn’t very happy about it. She didn’t want more, so I went into the kitchen and had a second helping.  

I cleaned up the kitchen and put the stew away in the fridge, in another pan. I do not believe in leaving food out in the room overnight, no matter how cold it is. Not cold enough today, that’s for certain.

I go upstairs and spend time on my computer and I finished writing cards to all the people I needed to. I told K that F had gone to get a massage, hopefully she understood.

F came back around 10 I think. I went downstairs to use the toilet and he sneaked upstairs.  I thought that since I was downstairs anyway I might as well take care of the garbage. I did that and noticed that my stew was now sitting on the kitchen table. What the heck? I put it back in the fridge and came upstairs.  

I asked F if he had taken the stew out of the fridge, in an accusatory manner. He said he hadn’t, so I apologized.  We didn’t talk very much because he was still angry at me for….? but we talked about things like his schedule and how I need to go to the post office tomorrow to mail my cards. I told him that there was only stew for dinner tomorrow night and asked if he’d have any. Apparently not. Oh well. That means that K and I can have some for lunch too if we want. I might give her some. 

I watched some more TV and had a typing chat with my sister. That was nice and she is good at calming me down. She pointed out that K might have had more of the stew and that is possible. It did feel a bit warm when I put it away and it really shouldn’t have. I just hope she didn’t burn it. Her and her son are terrible for wrecking pans and burning things. 

Anyway, that’s about it. I finished watching American Idol and I enjoyed it. I’ve no idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow. Come back and find out. Until tomorrow….

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