November 16, 2009 - Monday

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

Rainy and miserable. But, a good day for me.

I got up when my alarms rang this morning, checked the paper and decided since the news wasn't on, I would go back to bed for an hour. Yay me. Well, not really, but I did. I had a lovely little snooze.

When I got up, I took care of some business. I emailed a couple of students about different matters and then received notification that someone had commented on one of my Facebook group postings. We did a bit of back and forth writing and it turns out that this person is actually a second cousin. His grandfather was my father's brother. I've known of him, but don't think I've actually met him.

Later in the afternoon I watched some of my weekend's telly. I still haven't gotten around to watching Twilight yet. Think I might need a good stiff drink or something first...and I don't drink! I watched a Brit Drama on WOWOW today and it was quite neat. It was about the perils of global warming and they kept talking about a Calgary Conference and at one time really tore off a strip about the Athabasca Tar Sands development. (I think there's a pun in there somehow.) I'll have to watch more of it tomorrow.

I also was moved this afternoon to do a little bit of housework. I vacuumed the livingroom and bedroom, cut up the milk cartons for recycling, and even cleaned the drain. Oh, and I cleaned the toaster oven and gave the coffee pot a good scrubbing with baking soda. I usually just lie down until the urge to do housework goes away, but I went with it today.

F came home around 6 and we chatted for a while. He suggested yakiniku for dinner tonight, so we tried Togashi's. It's our favourite place and we had a nice meal. We got a variety plate (F loves those...don't know why) and some okonomiyaki, soup and he had something else that I didn't want.

Afterwards, I suggested going to Mr. Donut for a coffee, so we went there. We haven't been done that for a while, gone for an evening coffee and to chat, so it was nice.

We came home via the grocery store. The idea was to get something for tomorrow's dinner, but I decided that F should be in charge of that. He's not too happy about the whole prospect. I work quite late tomorrow, so I'm not planning to cook. If he choses not to cook, that's okay. It's up to him.

We came home and he made us some lovely Royal Milk Tea with hot milk. It really tasted very nice. I enjoyed it. I "booked" the TV from 11 pm and watched Grey's Anatomy and then Private Practice. They were both quite good. I've read some of the spoilers from the States about Grey's so I know what's coming, but I don't want to tell F.

Anyway, that's about it. I had a good day and tomorrow I go back to work. One of my student's should be back for the first time in 3 months. She was in the US but has come back now. I'm looking forward to hearing about her adventures. Night.

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