November 20, 2009 - Friday

Clear and sunny. Nice day.

I got up this morning, did my news and coffee thing and then got on with my day. I had an earlier class today, so I had to eat earlier. Today I had leftover spaghetti squash and sauce and an egg. No omelette for me.

I biked over to the school, was there a bit later than usual, but not too late. I changed, got ready and waited for my student. And waited. And waited some more.

I called her at 3:10. She was still at home and had lost track of time. She zoomed over to my school and we were able to have a short but good lesson. We started talking about money and tipping. All things good for her upcoming trip.

After class I did paperwork then relaxed and read the paper for a while. I headed home around 5:15. I went via the bank machine to make a deposit and then arrived home. I was greeted by my husband's car in the parking space. Hmm. Another week where he didn't bother to call me when he finished work. In any case, the weather was nice and it was nice to ride home, but I would have appreciated knowing that F was at home. He said that he just arrived home and didn't have a chance to call me. Oh well.

He took a nap for a while and then when he got up we went out for dinner. It was just Grado, our local place, but it was okay. I had chicken and stew and F had fish on rice. We both enjoyed our meals.

We came home and watched Get Smart on WOWOW. After that it was the one about Harold and Lloyd, the characters from Get Smart, followed by Species. It's been years since I saw it, and it is really quite a good little sci-fi thriller. The actors are good, the plot fairly believable. It's well worth watching again.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I'm going away for the weekend so I most likely will not be blogging. I have a lot to do in the morning too. I have to finish packing my suitcase!

I'll most likely be back on Monday night. I'll talk at you then. Night.

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