November 24, 2009 - Tuesday

Sunny and clear most of the day, a little cloudy in the afternoon.

A good but busy day.

I overslept a little today, but still got up in time to watch the news. Hurray. I drank coffee and generally enjoyed my morning. It was quite short though as I was trying to get off to work by 2 pm. I was a couple of minutes late leaving, but it didn't matter really.

At the school everything but me was ready to go, so I cleared off the table and changed into work clothes. When my first student came we had a good class.

In the time between classes I did some of my paperwork and I also stamped my new books for the school with my stamps. I wanted to put my school's name in them for identification. I worked on the newspaper reading too.

I had two more classes today which also went well. They seemed fun to me. Hurray. In fact, two of the students today noted that I looked more cheerful than usual. Not sure why, maybe because I had a good weekend?

After classes I called F and he picked me up. We went to Moku-Moku for dinner. It was quite nice really. We both had pasta, just different kinds. I had salmon, clam and shrimp in a cream sauce, he had bacon and cabbage in a pepperoncino sauce. Both were really good. After dinner we popped over to the MaxValu and we got a few groceries for dinner on Wednesday.

We came home and watched American Idol re-runs. I enjoyed tonight's show, especially seeing Kris's version of Falling Slowly, a song that I often do at karaoke. I was a bit miffed when one of the judges said it was "an obscure song". It won an Oscar!

That was about it for our evening. Tomorrow I have the daytime free and I hope to use it getting some of my Christmas stuff ready to get mailed. It's only one month till Christmas, as of tomorrow!

Gotta go. It's late, and I'm a little tired. Night!

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