January 7, 2010


Sunny but cool day.

Today was a pretty good day. I got up in time to see the news and enjoyed it, then showered. I also watched a show on Italian cooking. It's okay, but the woman is freakishly cheerful and is a bit scary. Next week though it'll be a Tim Gunn fashion show so I'll be happy to watch that. I like Tim Gunn!

In the afternoon I went out to the post office to mail off a Bookmooch. This one's going to Germany. I need to edit my map so I can add a country. I hope it gets there safely. I was very careful because there was quite a lot of ice around our parking area and the roads. Corners were the worst.

I had lunch at home and then I left for work. I rode my bike again. I left earlier than I had to because I wanted to be at my school before dark. I detoured through the grocery store but did in fact make it to the school before it got dark.

I got all set up for my first class and then she cancelled. Sigh. However, she did rebook for Saturday, so hopefully she'll be able to come then. I checked my Saturday lesson set up in her timeslot so it wasn't wasted. My first class today then was the kids class. It went quite well. We talked about colours. They did know them, they just had to use them. I also have to try to break one of the students bad habit of using "e-to" all the time. After their class I had a chat with their mother about the next textbook. It gets a bit complicated.

My last class was fine today. We had a great discussion, but I did end up laughing about one of the student's mistakes. She wrote a sentence using "pay attention" and it went something like, " Passengers should pay attention to the fright crew on the airplane." I wasn't sure if she was making a political statement about new airport security or if she just mixed up the L & R. She's a very easy-going student, so I explained why I thought it was funny and she did see the humor in it too.

After work I had a lot to do. I had paperwork and writing an estimate of the cost of new textbooks for a mum, then dishes and filing...It took me a while to finish. F called me before I was done and I called him back later.

We went to Grado for dinner. It was very nice tonight, but the temperature of the coffee and the soup was a little low. I liked the food, but come on guys, hot soup, hot coffee please!

We came home and watched ER. Sadly we'd missed a bit of it, but it was good, and then F watched some Japanese stuff. I didn't bother.

We also decided to go back to Sendai this weekend so that F could get himself a new computer. Crazy man. We don't have to go, but it's a long weekend and we get two days off together. I hope the weather holds up.

That's it. I have to get some sleep. Night!

Oh, edited to add, it's my nephew's 5th birthday today. He's a great little guy and a lot of fun. I miss him a lot, so happy birthday kiddo!

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