May 10, 2010

Monday - Warm and sunny, clouding in the late afternoon.

When I got up this morning the first thing I saw was the toilet room's calendar lying on the couch. I understood what my husband was trying to tell me. He'd knocked the calendar down and had somehow lost the pin that kept it hanging up. I had a good old fashioned search for it, and even swept the room, the hallway next to it and the bathroom for good measure, but I didn't find the pin either. Sigh. I'll have to bring a pin back from my school I guess.

I had a nap a little later and then got up and went about my day. I showered, chatted with a friend back home and watched most of my weekend TV today. I liked most of it.

Close to 5 pm I decided to go out, but when I looked outside it was getting really cloudy. I decided to stay home but do the building cleaning that we're supposed to do. I went upstairs and swept the landing up there, then did the stairs and finally, the bottom of the stairs. It looked much better and had been really dusty. I had done it last month too, so I wonder what the upstairs people were doing to bring in so much dirt! Down on the first floor I understand, the door to the outside is always open and the wind blows some of it in. Anyway, I finished and it looked really good. Well, as good as concrete can!

F didn't get home until 7:30 tonight. We hummed and hawed about dinner, decided to find a new place. We went to one of the new hotels, but their restaurant was a bit expensive and seemed to feature Japanese food only. Bleck. After that, I suggested another place that was closed so in the end we plumped for Cocos Ichiban Curry House again. We each had the same thing, but with variations. We had the handmade chicken cutlet curry. I had less rice but with cheese, F had extra rice, plus extra hot. We also shared a salad. Yay us.

We bought a few groceries at a nearby shop, Yamazawa and then came home. We didn't do much at home, just spent a bit of time together.

I've been blogging early tonight in the hope that I can get to bed a little early. Will I manage? Doubtful! Anyway, back to work tomorrow so I'll talk to you later tomorrow night. Bye!

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