July 27, 2010

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, but not humid. Yes!

Last night after I signed off I decided to go to bed early. We lay there in the dark for a while and then F got up and decided he couldn’t sleep. I got up too, we hashed a few things out and things were okay after that. He gets so worked up about things and just needs to relax a bit more. (And maybe me too!)

I had a quiet time in the old apartment this morning. I watched Outlander. It’s a movie mixture of vikings, aliens and spacemen. It sounds awful, but it actually works in a B-movie sort of way. Decent time wasting for people who liked Beowulf or those sorts of things (Predators?).

Lunch was last night’s leftover stir-fry plus a couple of eggs beaten and added to it. It was very nice. I had to leave for work right after I finished dishes.

I made good time to my school and it was around 32 degrees in there. Of course I started sweating right away. Bleck. I had to dry my hair before my student came.

My classes today were fine and both students did well. In the second class of the day, the student had a new textbook and I think it went well. Let’s hope it continues that way.

In between my classes I did a huge amount of paperwork, drank some tea, read the newspapers and generally had an okay time.

When I finished up I called F and he came to get me. He suggested going for yakiniku tonight so that’s what we did. It was really nice. We had some wagyu beef, which was incredible. Apparently, there’s a bit of a glut in the market as many countries won’t accept Japanese beef at the moment due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease.

We came home and watched American Idol. It was the Hollywood show and was interesting. I thought some of it was a little sad. Some of the people were sent home and I really wonder if it was fair, but it probably was. I think a lot of people become famous through luck, so the people who don’t are unlucky.

F was doing a lot of photocopying and generally being a better door than a window during the show. He was getting in my way and just generally fussing around. I’m the sort of person that can’t relax when other people are rustling papers and acting harried around me. It drives me a bit crazy.

Anyway, he went to bed a while ago and I’ll head off soon too. Oh, the upshot of all that fighting is we now have plans for September. Hopefully they’ll be good ones! Night.

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