July 29, 2010

Thursday - Hot and humid, rainy in the late afternoon and at night.

Today was okay. I got up at a fairly reasonable time and then went back for a nap. Boo! Still, no big whoop. I showered and then settled in to watch New Moon.

I’m not sure why I don’t like the Twilight stories, it’s just that something really rubs me the wrong way about them. I think that I lost it in the first novel when the heroine professes that she is “irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen”. She’s 17 years old. Okay, I know that a small minority of people do find true love at that age, but as the child of divorced parents, she really should know better. I’m going to drop this, but just wanted to say that I really think she picked the wrong guy. New Moon was okay, mostly since Edward wasn’t in it very much!

I watched a few other things on TV today and around 3 started making my lunch. Today I had veggies with an egg and some tofu. It was quite nice really.

I headed off for work. I had to come back into the apartment because it was pouring and I needed my rain cape. I pedalled off to my school and made fairly reasonable time. I did get quite wet on the way over though.

My classes went quite well. The first one especially. I’m really happy with how well the student is improving. He’s really trying to communicate with me too. His English doesn’t match his desire though. In my second class, the student and I did a lot of phonics. We did some blended sounds and also word families. She did really well and I’m thinking she needs a different book. However, as she’s already using a new book, I’m not sure that her mother will approve.

After class, I did paperwork and prepped for next week’s classes. I did a puzzle from the Sunday paper and then called F and asked him to pick me up. He came home from Yamagata while I was teaching. I also asked him to bring me some dry pants! I had managed to get most of my other clothes dry, but one knee of my pants was wet.

When he arrived I changed and then we drove off. We went to New York, New York for dinner and each had pasta. It wasn’t the greatest in the world, but it was okay. I even got ice cream with mine (it was included).

We came home and F went to bed right away. He’s not feeling well, he has a headache. I watched ER and then turned off the TV and did some net surfing.

That’s it for me! Have a good night.


siti the twins said...

hi ms.Helen. how are you? great? i've only seen your blogs for today cause i've been so busy this lately. i hope your doing fine.

Helen said...

I am doing fine, it's just a bit hot for me these days!

Thanks for visiting :-)