August 18, 2010

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, gorgeous day!

A lovely day. I went to bed quite late last night and just after I had dropped off, we got a torrential rainstorm. It woke me up and I got up to close the window. I couldn’t sleep for a bit. When I woke up this morning I was quite tired.

I got up, showered, spent a bit of time on the computer and then headed out. I was a woman on a mission.

I went to Kintaro Sushi where I met up with one of the women from AFWJ and the sub-group Duos. She’s been touring Shonai with her husband and the three of us had a really nice lunch together. I’m not sure her husband got to say very much, because the two of us were gabbing away, but it was lovely! Poor F, I think he really would have liked to meet another husband with a Canadian wife, but he had to work.

After they went on their way, I visited the craft store and the drug store and didn’t buy anything. Shocking I know! I visited the grocery store looking for tonight’s dinner, but didn’t find anything I wanted to cook. I did find one bagel though, so I bought it.

I stopped into the McDonalds for a McFlurry and a diet coke. I know…what’s the point, right? But I never drink real Coke anyway.

I came home and melted from all the heat. I watched a bit of TV and just relaxed and enjoyed myself.

F came home around 6 and I made him an iced tea. We spent some time together and then ended up taking a nap! It was almost 9 when we woke up.

We had dinner in Edoichi and it was okay. They keep improving some of the things about the place, except tonight there was barely any chicken available. I was a bit sad as I like chicken a lot. When it came to dessert I made a horrible mistake. I decided to go with some ice cream. They had a big fridge full of different flavours but not all of them were marked. I saw one at the back that was a pale yellow with brown bits in it. I thought it would be vanilla with cookie crumbs. A lot of vanilla ice cream is yellowish. I also took a scoop of chocolate, because…hey, it’s chocolate.

I sat down, took a spoonful of the vanilla with cookie crumbs and put it in my mouth. And nearly spat it back out there and then. It was BANANA and cookie crumbs. Oh, the horror, the horror.

The worst thing is that the banana ice cream keeps coming back up via burpage and it is twice as horrible the second time around.

We came home and settled in on the couch for American Idol. It was a pretty good show tonight. The women did quite nicely. There were a few performances that I thought weren’t great, but a lot were good.

And that was my day. It was pretty good.

Tomorrow night I’m working late at the school, but I have some time at home in the daytime. Hurray for that. I’ll report in tomorrow night. Bye!

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