August 20, 2010

Friday - Hot and sunny, a tiny bit cooler.

An okay day. I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m not sure why really. By the time my alarms went off I was half asleep, half awake and not feeling too happy. I got up, discovered there was no news again, and then stayed up.

Early on I decided to get dinner started. I was going to make Grilled Lemon-Oregano Chicken, so I needed to do the marinade. (I think yesterday I called it Lemon-Basil…I made a mistake.) I had most of the ingredients, so I whipped up the mix and put the chicken in it to soak for the afternoon.

I was tired of there being nothing on TV, so I put on a Friends dvd. I watched one whole dvd from the 5th season, starting from Ross’s wedding to Emily. It was really funny and it managed to cheer me up quite a bit.

Around 4:30 I decided to go out for a drink, so I went to S-Mall and hit my favourite places, the 100 yen shop and the coffee shop. I had a yogurt drink there and then cruised the grocery store. I didn’t find anything I wanted to I came home. All the time I was in the mall I checked my phone in case my hubby called me. He didn’t.

On the way home, I heard a car honk and looked up. Sure enough it was F. I was busy riding my bike and couldn’t wave or anything.

I got home and he hasn’t turned on the AC or done anything really. I wasn’t too happy to be honest. We had a bit of back and forth fighting. I wanted him to take me to the grocery store, he wanted to take a shower and a nap. Finally, I took a nap and then he turned on the TV. Blah blah blah, we ended up going to the store but he wasn’t very nice about it. Didn’t talk to me at all.

We came home again and I cooked dinner. I did stir-fried asparagus and grilled the chicken. I set the table and he put the tofu in our dishes and prepared his rice. We actually had a nice dinner, although he didn’t really say much about how good everything was.

He did the dishes and then I settled in on the couch to watch Northanger Abby. It was really good. It’s my least favourite of the Jane books, but this version was funny and the leads were a good match. Quite glad I went the extra distance to rent it after all.

Hub went to bed at 11…I was surprised considering tomorrow isn’t a work day for him, but whatever. I stayed up and watched Top Gear and then The 4400. I enjoyed both.

I’ll probably go to bed fairly soon. Not sure about after work tomorrow, but I’ve got quite a day tomorrow. I have work from 12:00, dentist at 2:00 and then two more classes back to back from 5 pm to 7:00pm. We might see a movie afterwards if I can move myself. Depends on that. And we have to take back the dvds. Sigh!

Got to go. Night.

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