August 4, 2010

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, muggy and cloudy in the morning.

A good day. I got up on time, or nearly so, and checked for news. None. I decided to do all my computer stuff early, while I watched the end of Ferris Bueller. Still love that movie.

Around 11:30 I started getting myself together to go out. I needed to go to the local post office to make a deposit and buy some stamps, AND renew my AFWJ membership. After that, I biked off to the main post office. I needed to buy travellers cheques. I have often complained on my blog about how bad the staff at the main post office were about selling travellers cheques, but I think I’m going to have to stop. For the last two years in a row I’ve been able to do it by myself and the staff got it right. Woot.

After buying this I decided to go to the mall for lunch and made a quick stop into a bank to pay my local taxes. At the mall I parked my bike and went in. It was so nice to be inside out of the hot sun. I went to Patio and had pasta. It was fairly nice.

I bought a few things in the hundred yen shop and then was going to have a coffee or tea in Doutors, but they looked really busy so I decided to go home instead. I did.

At home I relaxed for a bit and then did a bit of work on my computer again.

F came home around 6:30 I think and we went to Kintaro Sushi for dinner. It was really crowded, even at 7:30 pm and we had to wait for ages to get a seat. People were still going in tonight at 8 so I don’t know what was going on.

We mailed a letter for me and then came home. I put on the movie Soldier with Kurt Russell. I liked it but it was quite violent. Don’t think Fumihiko liked it very much as he took his shower in the middle of it. Hub and I settled in on the couch to watch American Idol at 11:00. He watched about half of the show and then went to bed. Can’t really blame him as he does have an early start tomorrow.

And that’s it for me. I accomplished everything I had set myself to do today so that was a good thing. Getting the travellers cheques had been a bit of a worry and they turned out not to be too difficult after all. Woot.


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