October 30, 2010

Saturday - Clear and sunny.

Today was an okay day.

I got up around 9 and watched news. Hurray! Just before I took my shower F came home from the doctor’s and I said hello. We had decaf coffee and an English Muffin with Rhubarb and Ginger preserve on it. I got that on my last trip to Niigata. It is from Scotland, near where I used to live, so I just had to buy it.

Digressing again…sorry!

We had a nice brunch in Jiro today. We both had lunch specials, I had something kind of new for me - a mench burger…it’s basically chopped meat in a croquette. It was okay. F had ginger pork.

He dropped me off at my school and I got busy. I had 3 classes today and they all happened. During my big break of the day I worked on my column for the next journal. I did a few movies, have to add some. My second student had to leave early, so I used the extra time to read the newspapers and get a bit caught up.

After my last class I did paperwork and then started a craft project for myself. I’m covering a plastic container with sparkly glue. When it’s finished I’ll cover it with more glue, but this time a clear glue and then I can use it to store stickers for students in, or for games or for anything really. I have to cover it with the clear glue because the sparkles come off and are nasty if they get in people’s eyes. That only took a few minutes.

I did dishes and then called F and asked him to pick me up. He came and we had dinner at the newer keiten sushi place in town. It was nice and it was nice to have some different kinds of sushi.

We came home where we relaxed, watched Die Hard 4.0 as it’s called here and then Top Gear at midnight. Tonight the guys were having a race to get to the North Pole. It was insane. One was going by dogsled with an experienced musher, the other two were driving a specially customised truck. The truck won, but only just.

Halfway through the show, F announces that he needs my school’s financial report for his office’s taxes. Does anyone else understand why I’m a little upset? I was at my school the entire day. I was there from noon to 8:00 pm and in all that time he couldn’t have told me? If he had even told me when he picked me up, I could have brought home my stuff and worked on it over the weekend. I told him I’d give him the numbers on Saturday. He wasn’t happy. Honestly though, that’s really the first time I’ll have to work on it at the school.

Watched House and it was a bit weird. It was made weirder by the fact that we missed the first 10 minutes and didn’t really know what had happened.

And that was my day. Except for having a silly request from my husband at the wrong time of day, it was good. That’s it for me for today. Night!

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