November 7, 2010

Sunday - Cloudy and cool I think. I didn’t go out until later on.

Had a good day today. I went to bed late and got up late. I did make brief appearances in the living room, but then went back to bed. F even came in to wake me up, but I fell back asleep, so it was afternoon when I got up.

When I came through, F was watching the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics. For some reason he has left it on our DVD player’s memory all this time. I got sucked into watching it again, after all, it featured a group of Canadians that I really like and enjoy watching. Once again I was annoyed by how bad the NHK announcers were. They talked through everything. Every time there was a poem or a reading, “Blah, blah, oh, so desu ne, blah blah blah.” ARGH X 1000. One point when the head of the Vancouver Olympics was giving a speech, they of course focussed on the Japanese athletes and coaches. There was one yawning away and they all were looking bored because they couldn’t understand the English and were too rude to politely sit there and behave.

Then, for some unknown reason, F put on the closing ceremonies too. I watched it (WHY?) because I love k.d. lang and it is still so cool to see Michael J. Fox’s bit.

After it was finished we decided to go out. Instead of going for dinner in Tsuruoka, we went to Sakata to Kappa Sushi. It was busy, but we got in after a bit. I was starving and ate even more sushi than F did. We were sitting at the counter for a change, and right where the sushi first comes out, so most of what we got hadn’t been ogled or breathed on by all the other people in the restaurant.

We came back to Tsuruoka, but made a couple of stops along the way. We went to Toda Books in Mikawa and picked up some, well, books. I got a magazine for my niece that she’s going to love (all about Robert Patterson and Eclipse!) , a book for making nengajo (New Year Cards) and F got a new pocket organiser for himself and an English version of the book My Darling is a Foreigner. I tried to read it in the store but it didn’t make a lot of sense honestly. Hope hubby likes it. We went to the mall for something to drink and some bread and sunflower seeds. It’s hard for me to get them here in Tsuruoka.

Then we hit up the drugstore in Tsuruoka and finally the grocery store. Tomorrow night’s dinner will be a stir-fry but I’m a tad worried that there isn’t enough food for us. Hope I’m wrong!

We had a quiet evening watching Terminator 3 and then I put on The Fourth Kind which was kind of weird. We missed the beginning, but I think I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it.

And that’s it. Hubby was trying to get me to go to bed earlier, but I’m not sure I’ll bother.

Tomorrow, it depends on the weather what I’ll do. If it’s nice out, I might go shopping. Tune in tomorrow night and find out what happens. Night eh!

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