November 9, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy with thunderstorms. Horrid weather.

An okay day. I got at a reasonable time today and then wasted a bunch of time watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”. It would probably have been a good guide for me during my high school and university days, but for now, it was a little funny and a little sad. Pleasant time-wasting basically.

I did a load of laundry today and that also involved putting my clean clothes away. I did that, and also had breakfast. Yay me. The weather in the afternoon was bad. At times it sounded like hail outside and there was thunder as well. I didn’t see any lightning, but there must have been somewhere. The demolishing next door set the building shaking at times too so it was an interesting day here.

I was originally planning to leave home around 4 to go to my school, but the weather was so awful that I postponed. I finally left around 4:45. I just missed a huge downpour. Whew. I girded up for cold wet weather…I wore my jacket, with my pink rain coat over it, and then my red Disneyland rain cape over all of that. It did keep my top half nice and toasty and dry. My lower half wasn’t doing as well, but I must say that I got to my school in much better shape than I did last week.

At my school I turned off the heater and changed into my work clothes. I got set up for the day, read a bit of newspaper and waited for my student to come. Sadly, she called me to say she was still working and couldn’t come.

I read more newspapers in my now free time and had some water to drink. I filed her lesson plan and got out the one for my next student.

She came on time and we had a good lesson after a little bit of chat.

After I finished classes I cleaned up a bit and finished my paper. I also called F to ask him to come and get me. He did, even though it was raining very hard outside.

We had a quick and nice dinner in New York, New York. I had chicken…what else?

We went home via the grocery store. I didn’t buy anything for dinner tomorrow night. I’ve been feeling a bit of neglect from F these days. He’s so tired that he goes to bed and I get stuck doing all the prep alone. He’s too tired to even talk to me during the meals so what’s the point? We also had to drop off our recycle stuff. I had bagged up a bunch of our foam trays and all of the cut up milk cartons too. Yay me.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance, which was interesting. I enjoyed it tonight. It’s still in the audition stages. I also got stuck into another morphy hat. I think this one will be for my sister. I’m not sure about it at the moment, as my hook is the wrong size. Still I do want it fairly dense as it gets terribly cold in Alberta!

And that’s about it. F went to bed after the show. I was surprised he stayed up for it as he was really tired earlier on.

So, for me, I’m done. I’m off tomorrow. If the weather clears up I might go out in the afternoon, or I might just stay home. I’d like to go out, but am not sure what I’ll be up to yet. Night.

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