May 12, 2012

Saturday - Rainy 

A good day.

I got up this morning to a cold apartment. F was doing his weird thing where he watches TV and his computer (with an earpiece in) at the same time.  I laughed at him, and then took a shower.  I also suggested that he turn on the heater because it was cold!

We had brunch in Gusto, but my stomach was acting up a bit and I only wanted grilled chicken.  I had some, but did without all the extras I’d usually have. I didn’t mind much.  

At my school, I got busy.  I set up for my classes and when my student came taught her.  She was as fun as ever and this week even made a fairly complex sentence all by herself.  I was so proud of her.  She’s been improving so much lately.

In the spare time between my classes I did a little paper work and read some of the newspapers.  I read today’s of course, and cleared a bit of the backlog from Golden Week. 

My second student today came on time. She came!  Hurray! I hadn’t seen her in a bit as she is crazy busy in real life.  We had a good class, finished up what we needed to and then started talking about movies.  She’d seen the same movie I went to on Thursday, so we talked about that for a few minutes.  Yay.

After her class, I finished up.  I did a bit of reading, a lot of unplugging and then called F.  He came to get me and we discussed our night’s plan.  He wanted to see a movie maybe so we drove over to Machi-Kine and checked the schedule.  The Iron Lady was playing at 7:35 so we decided to see it. 

We had dinner at the theatre’s restaurant and then saw the movie.  I really liked it.  Meryl Streep was amazing in the part.  I had forgotten some of the history as I wasn’t too old at the time.  I know the film has been criticised on quite a few points, but I enjoyed the film a lot.  I was also surprised to see some of the actors in the film.  Richard E. Grant!  Amanda Root!  Michael Maloney!  Yay! People I love from other things.

F and I came home and I watched rather a lot of TV tonight.  I made him DVR The Walking Dead for himself so that he could see the awesomeness of the last episode, and I taped my Britcom for Monday’s viewing pleasure.  

And really, that’s about it.  It was a good day after all.  My stomach problems from earlier in the week have bothered me a little today, but not as severely as then.  I hope that I’ll be feeling a lot better tomorrow.  Night.

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