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To August 27, 2012

I have a bumper crop of cards to write about.  Since my last update I have received about 11 cards, so I have decided to break this into two postings.  As always I welcome comments about the cards or Postcrossing below!

Also, to see the cards in more detail, please click on them.

Sara sent this card from Sweden.  She writes that the card shows some views from Sweden in all seasons.  Her favorite movie is Titanic.  She thinks it is the best romantic movie of all time.  She ends by wishing me a Happy Postcrossing.

To me, the card looks a lot like parts of Canada! Thanks Sara.

Dagmar from Germany sent this next card with lots of greetings.  She notes that on the picture you can see a typical landscape in the southern part of Baveria.  She lives in part of Bavaria and says it looks very different.  She also drew a picture of the difference between the steeples of churches.  

Farchant in the Werdenfelser Land
Thanks Dagmar!

I received a postcard with this lovely lady before, but this looks like she is still in her youth here.  This is Romy Schneider.

Romy Schneider
Maud from The Netherlands translated some wording on one of the stamps she used, and then used the rest of the space to tell me about her favourite movies.  She likes Amadeus, Seven Years in Tibet and Hitchcock movies.  I also like Hitchcock films, I haven't seen the other movies for years.  

Thank you Maud!

This card also comes from The Netherlands.  This one came from Marianne.  She writes that it was difficult for her to chose a card for me, but she finally picked this one.  She wrote,"2 four-leave clovers. Here in the Netherlands we say they being luck. So, actually, I am sending you a lot of luck!"

Indeed!  Thanks so much Marianne!  

There's a sad story about this card.  The sender received my name over a year ago.  This may be a second card or a very delayed first card.  In any case, it was sent this year, in fact it was sent during August, but I wasn't able to register it at Postcrossing.  Cards expire after one year.  It comes all the way from Brazil and is a card for a film Festival.  

Heres wrote, "Hello Helen! I hope you like this Almodovar's Postcard!  Kisses from Brazil! 
P.S. Sorry By Delay
The card shows a scene from Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In.  I haven't seen it, although I do enjoy Almodovar's films.  Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown was one of the first foreign films I ever saw (with Antonio Banderos in a small role), and I love it. It is so funny. 

Thanks Heres and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to register the card.  As you can see, it did get a bit damaged on the way to me.  

There you have it.  Five lovely cards from Europe and South America.  Come back next time for more interesting postcards.  Where will the next ones be from?  Find out soon!

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