August 2, 2013

Friday - Hot, humid, rainy

An okay day.  I woke up early today.  I didn't wake up at all last night. I didn't even wake up when F got up this morning, I slept right through everything until my alarm went off.  It was great!  I woke up and got up and had a bit of breakfast.  I had a quiet morning.  F stopped by for a bit to get some supplies and his thermos, I took the flyers round to the other apartments, then came back in.  

Later on F phoned to ask if he should buy a spaghetti squash that he'd found.  YES!  I haven't seen too many this year and none for a reasonable price.    

I wrote a few postcards today and then scanned them. I ran them to the post office after 5 pm, so that they'd be in the mail for the weekend.  

F was home a bit late, he came after 6:00.  After he came home I started on dinner. It was fairly simple tonight.  We had some tandori style chicken from the grocery store, plus naan that I heated up.  There was salad, and left over couscous salad too.  That was yummy.  F had some fish eggs and rice with his dinner. 

F did dishes and I hit my computer.  F watched some ultimate fighting crap so I played around with my computer and somehow got my iTunes to work tonight.  I've listened to podcasts and music, it's been great.  I've really missed my music.  

I tried to do some crochet at 11 while I was watching Strikeback, but I couldn't work out just where I was in the pattern.  I think I may have skipped a row.  I gave up because I think it would be better to do it when I can concentrate on it better.  I may have to frog a couple of rows. Sigh.

That's pretty much it for today.  We have no plans for the weekend yet, so I'm a tad nervous. There aren't any new English movies, the weather is bad and I have a couple of deadlines looming. What to do?  Gotta go.  Night!

Oh, wait, before I press publish, I should mention that today is the birthday of a very special lady, she's sweet sixteen today.  Happy birthday kiddo!

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