November 16, 2013

Saturday - Warm and sunny

An okay day

I got up a bit late this morning, I just wasn't feeling it.  I got up, checked my email and then basically went back to bed.  I had a headache and just felt bleck.  When I got up later I took a shower and felt a bit more awake.

In the afternoon, F and I missed the lunch deadlines for all of the restaurants and he got stroppy when I asked him where we should go.  He of course wanted ramen, I didn't.  I told him I was going out for a walk (because I needed fresh air) and he buggered off for his ramen.  I walked around the block and came home.  

When he came home, he went to bed, but I made him get up and take me to Uniqlo!  I needed to get little somethings for Zach.  We got some nice stuff for him and his family and then we hit up the hundred yen shop for wrapping paper.  It's easier to carry wrapping paper in the car than on a bicycle!

We came home via the tai-yaki shop, and after a few minutes at home, F asked if we could go to the Internet Cafe.  His back was bothering him and he wanted a massage.  I loaded up a bag of stuff and we left.  We were able to get in and spent the next 3 hours getting massages while we watched junky movies and ate not terribly healthy food.  I started a new scarf and got about half way done.  It would have been more if I hadn't had to frog it when my food arrived.  I lost a stitch and couldn't find it.

We came home via the grocery store and then had a fairly quiet evening in.  I watched Elementary and then Project Runway All-Stars before calling my sister and wishing her a happy birthday.  We talked for quite a while.  Apparently there is a lot of snow in Alberta just now.  Kind of glad I'm not there.

And that's about that.  I had a pretty good day, except for the stupid fight with my husband.  Then again, most of the fights we have are stupid fights! Oh well.  No idea what we'll get up to tomorrow.  Come back and see what we get up to.  Got to go, night!

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