January 15, 2014

Wednesday - Sunny and warmish in the morning

A pretty good day.

I got up a little late this morning and went and registered for the convention for my women's group.  Then, I raced off to the post office to pay for it.  It was fun trying to use the post office's machine to do it, but I managed.  For some reason, I can't do it in English…obviously, English speaking people would NEVER transfer money from their own account…snort…but I muddled through the Japanese and got it done!

I came home, had a spot of breakfast/lunch and then got stuck into The Cull….Ominous music in background….Every year we have to check that the members in our on-line groups are really members and that they haven't lapsed.  Of course, many people are listed by email addresses rather than their names, so it gets a little complicated!  It usually takes an entire day just to match everyone up.  Ack.  Still, I managed to finish the first step just after midnight!  I hope.

F cooked dinner tonight for us.  It was a nabe, so he probably would have done it for us anyway.  Earlier I had taken out and washed the nabe, and after dinner, I also did the dishes and made tea for us.  

I received a lot of postcards today.  Some are really gorgeous ones that you'll see eventually on my blog.  I think you'll like them! I know I do.

 I did up the garbage at midnight, and put it out for F.  I watched my Wednesday night TV and enjoyed it…That's it really.  

Tomorrow I have a few things that I need to do, and I'll check in on the cull and how things are going.  Talk to you tomorrow night!  Sweet dreams!

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